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Editor's comment

The point of the Animas-Medtronic

partnership is to provide a safety net for

Animas' customers. Animas is not leaving

them in the lurch by withdrawing suddenly

and completely. While Medtronic has

been asked to step into the breach, the

fact that it's probably the biggest supplier

of insulin pumps in the UK and the oldest

insulin pump suppliers in the world, so

can be seen as a safe pair of hands.

Right now, the best advice for Animas

users is to carry on as normal. So much

so that apparently some HCPs are saying,

'If we can get you an Animas pump, then

go on it,' so new users are still joining the

ranks. There will be a point when you will

have to move away from Animas, but

you will not have to do that before your

warranty runs out (all pumps in the UK

have a four-year warranty, so you can

choose the best pump for you four years

after your last pump change).

No one likes being forced to change

anything, but rest assured that only those

whose warranties are coming to an end

soon have anything to think about for now.

Conversations about pump changes will

happen as per normal, and there's more

choice now than when your last decision

was made despite Animas exiting.

It has been recommended that

anyone using any Lifescan, Dexcom or

Diasend products continue to do so but

talk to their HCP for advice on changing

blood test meter, CGM or pump systems.

Notably, many Animas users also use

Dexcom's CGM system. Those keen to

keep using Dexcom may want to look at

insulin pumps that are wired up to receive

Dexcom's data, such as the Omnipod. As

of this year, Insulet Corp, the company

behind Omnipod, has a UK-based

sales force and support centre whereas

previously the pump was available via a

distributor, Ypsomed, the parent company

of which is based in Switzerland.

Gearing up to take over all Omnipod

users previously being looked after

by Ypsomed, which had the contract

for Europe for the past several years,

Omnipod is

becoming a

more viable

choice with

better price


for CCGs than

in the past.

Once having

the reputation

of being 'too

expensive', the Omnipod - an actual

patch pump that uses an on-the-bodypod, is gaining ground

now that it is more

price-competitive for Trusts who are

funding pumps

within the NHS.

Both originally




Omnipod has a

long association

of working

with Dexcom.

Dexcom's latest

CGM model

works with


the app for which can be configured to

alert the user to oncoming high or low

blood sugars.

Medtronic's 640g pump works with

the company's own Enlite CGM. Together

these technologies enable another one

that's onboard: SmartGuard. This means

that when the sensor indicates that a low

blood sugar seems imminent, the pump

can be programmed to automatically

suspend insulin delivery at a preset level

thus, in many cases, avoiding a hypo.

- Sue Marshall, Editor

CLICK on the issue covers to

see Issue 80 - Insulin pump

overview, and Issue 82 -

CGM sensor overview.

Dexcom UK

Omnipod Europe

Medtronic UK

Medtronic's pump choice hub

Roche Accu-Chek Infusion

Input (see pump comparision



to put their patients on to them while

they are still available. Anyone newly on

an Animas pump, or just about to go

on one, will just have to reconsider their

options in four year's time, at the end of

the current pump's warranty, like anyone

else on a pump in the UK. Obviously, at

that point an Animas pump will no longer

be an option.

Animas will continue in the UK and

Ireland with Customer Support staff

remaining to oversee and assist with this

transition period, but trainers and sales

personnel have, where possible, been

relocated within the parent company.

Both companies emphasize that

seamlessness is the main intention in

order to minimize any concerns that

Animas pump users may be feeling about

the changes. The pump choice still lies

with the patient and their HCP.

There is a specific Medtronic-Animas

webpage with more information:


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