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The Devilled Egg opens a world of poaching, preserving and patisserie at the touch

of a button. With in-depth video tutorials and downloadable recipes added weekly, an

A-Z of useful terminology and techniques, plus access to support and advice from the

chefs, this new-look online platform delivers a culinary masterclass to any home kitchen.

The Devilled Egg's head chef, Barbora Ormerod, has prepared tutorials designed to

teach home cooks new skills as well as mastering the fundamentals of home cooking.

The site also deciphers jargon and debunks tricky techniques. Subscribers have the

flexibility to work through The Devilled Egg step-by-step as they explore, experiment

and embrace the art of home cooking. Seasoned home cooks and novices alike can

challenge themselves at their own pace. The Devilled Egg is on hand 24-hours a day

to provide guidance, inspiration and facts for home cooks to get their teeth stuck into.

Subscription to The Devilled Egg costs £4 per month (or £40 per year) and including

access to the extensive library of tutorials and recipes and expert advice from the chefs.

Get a month's free trial by registering at www.thedevilledegg.com/free-trial

It always serves to read the label, even

when the label says 'sugar free'. However,

this sugar free cough syrup is the real

deal. For a dry, troublesome cough,

Covonia's Dry Cough Sugar Free formula

(also alcohol free) providing symptomatic

relief of dry or irritating coughs. The

formulation is the ideal solution for those

who choose not to consume alcohol

for religious or lifestyle reasons and for

people with diabetes. Covonia Dry Cough

Sugar Free - 5g carbs in 100ml (from

Glycerol). The accompanying Covonia

Chesty Cough Sugar Free Formula helps

to relieve persistent coughs by loosening

stubborn mucus and clearing the chest.

The chesty cough formula is more sugary

,with 66g carbs in 100ml (from Sorbitol

and Glycerol). Both formulas are available

from pharmacies and supermarket

pharmacy counters nationwide.



The latest book to join the Carbs and Cals

range is on Gestational Diabetes. Newly

launched, the book's detailed introduction

covers the range of topics that are

important for women with gestational

diabetes, including the amount and type

of carbs to consume, using the glycaemic

index, food swap ideas, as well as

advice on vitamin supplements, caffeine,

hydration, food safety with separate

information and advice for pregnant

women with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.



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