Animas UK, Medtronic UK



animas UK and Ireland

has confirmed that it is

withdrawing from the

insulin pump supply

market and is presently

working through a transition period with

current users of the Animas Vibe insulin

pump delivery system.

The news that Animas was to exit the

insulin pump supply market across the

globe initially came out in October 2017

(read that news here. Since then, the

company has been in consultation with

its staff in the UK and Ireland. Ironically,

this was a market where sales and profits

were in fact healthy, but due to other

factors in the world market, the decision

was taken to withdraw completely from

the insulin delivery devices market.

In a letter sent to customers around 18

January (which went out to some in email

format), it transpired that - as per the

precedent set in American and Canadian

markets - the chosen partner for a period

of transition is Medtronic.

Medtronic has been chosen as

a partner for this period due to the

company's strong track record and that

a partner had been sought so that the

company's customers would have a point

of ongoing contact during this period of

unexpected change.

However, both companies are keen

to highlight that transitioning to Medtronic

does not mean there is any need for

anyone to change their insulin pump or

supplies at this time.

As well as contacting its customer

base, Animas UK is also liaising with NHS

Tender Authorities and Foundation Trusts

to further progress the transition. Once

agreements have been confirmed, then

there will be further communications from

Animas to its user base.

As it stands, there are still a few Animas

pumps that are being taken up with some

Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) happy

A SEEMLESS TRANSITION. As of now, customers call in to the Animas

careline number as usual. If they wish, Animas users can request that

someone from Medtronic calls them to talk about the company's range of

pumps and CGM options They will not be moved over any sooner than the

end of their Animas four-year warranty. But to make that contact, submit

your details at their dedicated :

Animas Customer Support, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm,

0800-028-8039 (Ireland: 1800-812-715).



In the UK insulin pumps are given to

patients with a four-year warranty. At

that point, patients can discuss with

their healthcare professional which is

the best pump for them to use. There

may be newer models from the same

supplier, or they may find that a pump

from a different supplier better suits

their needs at that stage.

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