Making Carbs Count Kefir, gut health, Bio-tiful Dairy


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NUTRITION per 250ml

Bio-tiful Kefir per 250ml portion 11g carbs, of which sugars 4g, 7.5g fat, 145 cals.

Bio-tiful Riazhenka Baked Milk Kefir Cultured Milk Drink 12g carbs per 250ml portion,

of which sugars 4g, 150 cals, 7.5g fat.

natural boost to energy levels, and can be

used in weight management too.

Natasha Bowes, founder of Biotiful Dairy says, "When I was growing

up in Russia, Kefir was a crucial part

of a healthy diet and millions of people

consume it every day instead of milk and

yoghurt, due to the additional nutritional

and digestive qualities they provide."

Bio-tiful Dairy's cultured milk drinks are

made from the British organic cow's milk

from grass-fed cows and authentic live

cultures, with no sugar, preservatives or

artificial ingredients added.

Bowes, who was born in Russia,

trained as part of the Russian figure

skating team, and says, "Kefir was an

essential part of my diet and health regime

to help me stay fit and healthy. These

drinks pick you up every day, even more

so if you have any digestive tract issues or

need to repopulate your gut bacteria after

taking a course of antibiotics. But when I

moved to London I could not find anything

like the kefir I used to drink everyday. So I

finally set about creating my own cultured

milk range and was able to produce high

quality cultured milk drinks, both in terms

of nutritional value and taste."

Bio-tiful Riazhenka Baked Milk Kefir

Cultured Milk Drink is made when milk

is gently baked before it is fermented,

following the authentic centuries-old

recipe. Poured over muesli or granola,

or simply drunk on its own, it's an easy

breakfast ingredient and it can also be

used in various recipes (see right).

Click the pic to download the recipe booklet.


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