Living with diabetes, hassle is bad for your health, weight loss hypnotherapy



Why hustling, hassle and feeling harrassed are bad for your health


eight loss


and founder

of the Hypno


website, Adam Cox, has investigated

the effects on those setting January

weight loss goals. With swathes of

people having opted to start a weight

loss programme in the year's most

gloomy month, motivation is harder

than ever. Cox says, "Resolutions are

a massive cause of stress and guilt;

my advice is to ditch resolutions and

set goals instead. Resolutions to lose

weight or go to the gym more are so

meaningless it's impossible to actually

have any sense of achievement or

progress. Also, most people set a

weight loss goal with a weight, whereas

I encourage my clients to set a target

body fat percentage. When you go to

the gym and start working out you can

increase muscle mass, so you may be

getting healthier, fitter and have less fat

but not necessarily lose weight. Also,

when you exercise you drink more water

and a large glass of water weighs about

1lb even though it has no calories and is

healthy. Lower body fat is a better sign

of success than weight."

Meanwhile, according to an article by

Nick Triggle, BBC Health correspondent,

the UK's obesity crisis is being fuelled by

businesses pushing unhealthy food and

larger portions on shoppers, according

to health experts. The Royal Society for

Public Health warned consumers were

being tricked by a marketing ploy known

as 'upselling'. The tactic involves shops,

cafes and restaurants encouraging

customers to upgrade to larger meals and


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