Bernard Marr Forbes magazine, Marion Nestle NY University


even when they do escape the confines of

the office, they can get pinged and called

and messaged about work. It's really hard

to disconnect and many find it easier to

just keep working."

Marr reported that it needn't be

so. He used the example of Jason

Fried, the CEO of a company called

Basecamp, who prides himself that his

company culture sticks to a strict 40-hour

workweek, which goes down to 32 hours

in the summer. Fried says that allows

employees a well-balanced life without

sacrificing the company's success. He

and David Hansson published Rework, a

business book that lays out why you don't

need to be a workaholic to get success,

and in a new book, The Calm Company,

explain why "sustained exhaustion is not

a badge of honor, it's a mark of stupidity."

Industry influencers

But then, are we really being stupid? The

fact is that we are being bullied into long

hours and making bad food decisions all

the time. Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, chair

of the department of nutrition and food

studies at New York University in an article

for WebMD stated, "Exercise is important,

but so are eating habits." In her book Food

Politics: How the Food Industry Influences

Nutrition and Health, Nestle argues that

recommendations about healthy eating

are overwhelmed by the hundreds of

billions of dollars worth of advertising

for junk foods that we're subjected to at

home and even in schools. "As fast food

companies and chains compete with one

another by increasing portion sizes, our

waists are increasing proportionately."

According to Nestle, the media also

have a tendency of confusing things by

reporting the results of scientific studies

out of context. She argues that the

relative stability of the dietary and fitness

recommendations over the years - eat

less fat, eat more fruits and veggies

and exercise regularly - is obscured by

the media, which are more interested

in exciting stories about radical diets or

*The Laughing

Cow is a portioncontrolled


starting from 25

calories per triangle.


the effects of particular "miracle" foods,

vitamins or other supplements.

In the same article, William Dietz, MD,

PhD, the director of the division of nutrition

and physical activity in the National Center

for Chronic Disease Prevention in America

says, "I think that in the last three years,

we've seen a dramatic shift in the attitudes

of policy makers toward obesity. There

is now a huge amount of attention being

paid to the condition," he says, "and

that's an important first step." The article

goes on to state that part of the problem

is that the message about eating well is

necessarily more complicated than the

messages of other health campaigns. The

recommendations for preventing tobaccorelated

illnesses are pretty straightforward:

Don't smoke. But given that "don't eat" is

not an option, there isn't such a concise

recommendation for eating well and

staying fit. It's more like, "Eat plenty of

these, and not so much of that or those,

and remember to exercise a lot."




Professionals are tethered

to electronic devices 24/7

so even when they do

escape the confines of the

office, they can get pinged

and called and messaged

about work. It's really hard

to disconnect and many

find it easier to just keep

working." - Bernard Marr



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