David Begg Real Kombucha fermented foods




Fermented foods are the latest foodie trend, yet they are in fact 'old

news', so what's all the froth about? David Begg, co-founder of

fermented teas company Real Kombucha explains.


nce upon a time, every

home had pots and

pots of different foods

in various stages of

fermentation. There

is no part of the world that doesn't have

a tradition of fermentation, whether

you're talking about alcoholic beverages,

sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, cheese, bread,

soy sauce, salami or our own kombucha.

But over the last 50 years or so, some

cultures have lost many of the skills and

traditions surrounding food fermentation.

What is fermentation? Fermentation

is a natural process relating to the

transformative action of microorganisms

on various foods. It is nature's way of

preserving these foods, and it makes

them palatable over the winter months.

In many cultures, fermentation had a

mystic fascination. Imagine dropping a few

apples into water and over days watching

it boil and bubble with no heat at all, then

drinking the resulting liquor and finding

you were transported into another world.

Consequently, fermentation became a

ritual in many societies, controlled by the

elders or medicine men.

Fermentation was once a core and

necessary part of the forest-or-farm-totable process.

When foraging for fruits and

vegetables, particularly in autumn shortly

before the end of the most abundant

part of the year, or at any when farmers

produce in large quantities, preserving




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