Making Carbs Count Kefir, gut health


A form of fermented milk, kefir is as old as the hills but has been

boosted by a revival of interest in the process and the product.


With conversations

about 'gut health'

all the rage at the

moment, kefir

is a fermented

milk drink that it gaining in attention and

credibility. It is made by adding beans (or

grains) of bacteria and yeast to cow's milk

which is then left to ferment for at least

24-hours. The live cultures feed and grow

using the natural sugars in the milk. Then

the grains are removed leaving a slightly

thick drink, half-way between milk and

yoghurt. But why bother? As it turns out,

this tasty drink is high in protein, calcium

and vitamin B12. You can keep some

in the fridge and take a swig every now

and then, or slosh it on your cereal in the

morning if you wanted to use it regularly.

Kefir is believed to have its origins

in the Caucasian mountains over 2,000

years ago, and for centuries it has been

part of a daily healthy diet in a long list of

countries encompassing Eastern Europe,

Russia, Scandinavia and Asia. Today its

popularity has soared across Europe and

North America.

With average sales growth that

exceeded 20% month-on-month since

its launch in 2013, Bio-tiful Dairy Kefir

and Riazhenka (which is slightly sweeter)

are ancient cultured milk drinks. They are

naturally packed with billions of beneficial

live microorganisms and essential

vitamins such as Vitamin A, B-complex

vitamins and Vitamin D, as well as

minerals including calcium, phosphorus,

and magnesium. These contribute to

improved digestion, immune and nervous

systems, healthier looking skin, provide a



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