Josh Golding Type 1 diabetes


*Aegon Team Tennis is a singles based team competition open for all LTA Registered Venues. It aims to provide players of all ages

(8&U - Open) with regular league matches, against similar standard players in a competitive team environment. A total of 6,158 teams

from over 1,050 venues are playing in Aegon Team Tennis 2017. It has also been a record season in terms of the number of fixtures

completed. A total of 10,110 fixtures were completed in 2017.

Golding is up for his four-year insulin

pump renewal he's reading up on what's

available and talking to people about their

experiences. He's used a Freestyle Libre

at a tournament and says, "It did give me

peace of mind as I could see trends of

what was going on and could go back

and review things like when I was high or

where I was low. I enjoyed that."

Anyone for tennis?

Diabetes UK runs a group called

MKKidsWithDiabetes in Milton Keynes

for children with diabetes. It's been going

for a while, and Golding says he knew of

the group through his hospital. At the next

CONTACT: Find Josh Golding's profile on the Lawn Tennis Association's website:

event, which is running on 28 January,

he is going to be doing a group tennis

lesson. To start with, he'll do a blood test

and ask anyone who wants to play to do a

blood test with him before they start. Then

he'll talking about being a Type I diabetic

and having a career in tennis and what

that involves. He says, "I was interested

in helping, so I got in touch. I hope that by

sharing my experience with the kids will

help them to see a healthy, happy future

for themselves."

Meanwhile, in terms of his own career,

he's now a coach at Milton Keynes Tennis

Club where most of the coaches compete

in the national AEGON League*. Milton

Keynes Tennis Club came third in the

2017 league and the plan for 2018 is to

get into the top two places and get into

the play-offs of the end of the summer in

Bournemouth. The club was founded in

the 1900s and the coaching programme

started four years ago. Golding says that

the Lawn Tennis Association has been

impressed by the amount of teams that

the club entered for the first time, and for

them to have done so well, saying, "In

2017 we entered eight junior teams to

the AEGON League*. Our red group, for

children aged 5-8 years, won the division.

So we've got a good base to build on and

that's the challenge for this year!"


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