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Before you blood test making sure your hands are clean means a reduce chance of

things like the remnants of food affecting your blood test result. It's not always possible

to wash your hands which is when Accu-Chek's Sterile Cleansing Hand Wipes come

in handy. Sold in packs of 10 individual sachets, they are easy to use and suitable for

testing wherever you happen to be. £1.29 from selected Boots stores and online from


Beurer, makers of Wake-up and Daylight

Lamps that combat S.A.D (Seasonal

Affective Disorder), found 47% of Brits

said it was the prospect of months ahead

of them without sun that made the end of

the year feel so dreadful. And nearly two

thirds said the gloomy climate made them

feel genuinely depressed, with nearly half

of us leaving the house and arriving home

in the dark. Beurer's new Wake-up and

Daylight lamps can help.

The TL30 (pictured) is an ultra-portable

daylight lamp and can help address low

mood and a lack of energy and drive

during the winter months. Similar in size

to a tablet, the TL30 can slip into your bag

so you can use it at work, school or when

travelling. £60.

Corrymoor's Gentle Top and Adventurer

socks are designed for people who

have poor circulation or are sensitive to

pressure on their legs. The Corrymoor

Gentle Top is intended for everyday use,

the Corrymoor Adventurer is thicker for

walking or outdoor activities. The socks

are made with mohair, a naturally warm

fibre that also has anti-bacterial properties

therefore protecting against infection.

From £10.50




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