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Healthcare community Equalibras is

leading the way in the fight against

diabetes having launched a Dab for

Diabetes campaign based on the 'dab'

dance move. Equalibras is a not-for-profit

resource set up by a group of health

professionals offering information about


The Equalibras 'Dab for Diabetes'

campaign is focused on raising awareness

through the movement of the dab, a dance

move in which the dancer simultaneously

drops the head whilst raising an arm

and the elbow. The campaign is proving

popular on Facebook and Twitter with

people from all parts of world, and of all

ages, showing off their own unique take

on the dab. Safil Walji of Equalibras said:

"At a time when diabetes is at the forefront

of healthcare concerns, we are constantly


seeking creative ways to raise awareness

with a focus on prediabetes and Type

2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can be

prevented and even reversed. Through a

series of engaging campaigns, Equalibras

will continue to prove that improving your

health is not only important in saving your

life, it can be fun too."

Equalibras supports healthcare

professionals in the UK by providing the

public with information and advice about

diabetes that drives prevention rather than

a need for cure. The purpose of this is to

help people across the country gain the

broadest understanding of all the issues of

living with diabetes, including info on diet

and lifestyle, so that prediabetes and Type

2 diabetes can be halted or reversed.

Studies have shown that we gain between

1lb - 13lbs over the Christmas period.

The average Christmas meal contains

1992kcal, with most of them coming from

starchy favourite roast potatoes, protein

packed turkey and the classic Christmas

pudding. Overall, this amounts to almost

an entire daily calorie intake. According to

the NHS, adults aged 19-64 should do a

minimum of 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of

moderate aerobic activity (cycling or fast

walking) and strength-related exercises

(weight lifting or yoga) on two days or

more every week. In reality less than

5% of adults participate in 30 minutes

of physical activity each day, with time

limitations being the main cause.

Did you know that in order to burn

1992kcal (the average Christmas dinner),

you will need to run for 125 minutes, cycle

for 175 minutes or walk for 250 minutes.

Swing dancing for 1 hour can burn 300-

550 kcal, which is equivalent to three roast

potatoes; whilst the more intensive break

dancing will burn 400-650kcal per hour,

amounting to three glasses of mulled

wine. Kissing a Colleague under Mistletoe

(or Santa if you can catch him) can burn

120kcal while 15 minutes of laughter will

burn 10-40kcal. Surprisingly, singing for

30 minutes can burn 68kcal, so start

practicing your favourite Christmas hit!

(Stats from Gina Hutchings at Discount





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