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Just because it's cold outside does not

mean ice cream can't be part of your

seasonal celebrations. The folks at

Salcombe Dairy have created an entire

range of Christmas flavours, including

Christmas Pudding ice cream. Shaped

like a traditional pudding, it even has a

brandy butter ice cream topping. Made

using fresh full cream milk and double

cream, delivered every morning straight

from a local farm a stone's throw away,

the milk and cream is combined with

brandy, dried fruits and mixed spices it

can be an accompaniment to your warm

mince pies or chocolate Yule log. There's

a Cinnamon ice cream in the range, a

Champagne Sorbet plus a further five

festive favourites: Brandy Butter, Irish

Cream, Chocolate Orange, Peppermint

Chocolate Flake, and a Chocolate Sorbet.

Salcombe Dairy, established in 1981, uses

only the finest ingredients and sources

local products where possible. It has a

range of over 40 ice creams, sorbets and

frozen yoghurts. Salcombe Dairy does

not use homogenised milk and uses a

natural seaweed extract to stabilise its

ice creams. £11.50 for a 2ltr tub from

Salcombe Dairy and local independent


An Espresso Martini is dark, seductive sweet and dangerous, a drink for the brave of

heart. The chocolateers at NomNom in Wales have combined Chase Smoked Vodka

with award-winning Black Mountain Roast Espresso, from a small coffee company,

located in the foothills of the Black Mountains in Wales, and mixed it through a dark,

creamy ganache before wrapping it in a smooth 44% Venezuelan chocolate bar. £4.95

per 110g bar.

Celebrating the very best in food and

drink, Great Taste, the world's most

coveted blind-tasted food awards, has

reached its grand finale for 2016. The

Great Taste Golden Fork for the best

food or drink in Scotland was presented

to J Lawrie & Sons from Mallaig in the

Highlands, for its Jaffy's Kippers. With

woody, smoky and nutty notes, "balanced

by a lovely sweetness", according to

the judges commending on the herring,

which is traditionally cured and slowly

smoked over oak fires. Out of 10,000

products entered into Great Taste 2016,

Jaffy's Kippers were celebrated as the

best tasting product in their region. There

were 10,000 different products entered

into Great Taste this year (entry is capped

at 10,000) and more than 400 food and

drink judges. Judging took place across

the UK and Ireland. Their online shop

includes hampers for Christmas.


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