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Prime Minister Rt.Hon. Theresa May MP

opened Diabetes UK's new London office

to mark World Diabetes Day and met with

the charity's staff and volunteers at Wells

Lawrence House in Whitechapel, London,

unveiling a plaque to mark the occasion.

Wells Lawrence House is named after

the two founders of Diabetes UK, the

author HG Wells and his doctor Robert


Diabetes UK Chief Executive Chris

Askew and the Prime Minister discussed

support for people living with Type 1

diabetes, how to raise awareness of

potential complications and what is being

done to tackle the rise in number of

people living with Type 2 diabetes.

Speaking at the event, Prime Minister

Theresa May said, "It's a real pleasure

to be here with you today and officially

open your new offices. But it's an even

greater pleasure to meet some of the

people who work here at Diabetes UK,

to meet volunteers, to meet community

champions and to hear about the

great work you're all doing in so many

different ways. The work you are doing

to concentrate on the complications on

World Diabetes Day is very important. But

the general work you do, providing that

help, that support, that understanding,

promoting research, looking constantly to

ensure that we can have a world where

diabetes can do no harm is your aim and

I think that's absolutely fantastic."

Askew added, "The opening of our

new building marks a new chapter in

how we combat the crisis in diabetes,

and we thank the Prime Minister for

joining us. We need others to take her

lead in finding out about how we tackle

the fastest growing epidemic of our

time Significant investment in diabetes

care and prevention by UK and national

governments and the NHS is beginning

to recognise the scale of the challenge.

This needs to be sustained to provide

enough effective care for everyone living

with diabetes and tackling the rapid rise

of Type 2 diabetes.

Dexcom, a leader in continuous glucose

monitoring (CGM) for patients with

diabetes, opened a new European-based

headquarters in Edinburgh on World

Diabetes Day. The company expects to

create more than 60 new jobs for the

region within the next three years and

provide patients across Europe, the

Middle-East and Africa (known as EMEA)

with access to Dexcom's world-class

technology. The company's latest offering,

the Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System

includes a CGM sensor that sits just

below the skin's surface and is attached

to a transmitter that wirelessly transfers

real-time glucose levels every five minutes

to mobile applications via Bluetooth.

The new premises, based in Tanfield,

enjoy the support of Scottish Enterprise

and serve as the launch pad to distribute

Keith Brown (left), Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, Jobs

and Fair Work with John Lister (right), General Manager,

EMEA of Dexcom.




Dexcom's suite of Mobile CGM Systems.

John Lister, General Manager, EMEA,

of Dexcom said of the opening, "With

its strong history of medical innovation,

the incredible talent pool in the city and

the strategic inward investment through

Scottish Enterprise, Edinburgh really

stood out to us as a location. We are

excited to bring the benefits of our stateof-the-art glucose monitoring solutions to

diabetes patients across Europe, Africa

and the Middle East, and build our brand

and future commercial business from



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