ADAPT diabetes trial,  FreeStyle Libre

The autoimmune diabetes Accelerator Prevention Trial (adAPT) is a new clinical

trial to find out whether an inexpensive drug can prevent Type 1 diabetes in

children at risk. It is now looking for participants, first in Scotland, and then in

the rest of the UK.

adAPT is a family study. The researchers are looking for siblings and offspring

aged between 5 and 16 years of people (their brothers, sisters or a parent) who

themselves developed T1D before the age of 25.

The trial will test whether Metformin, which is known to protect the insulin

cells from stress, can avoid the immune response that goes on to destroy them.

adAPT is sponsored by the University of Exeter, generously funded by JDRF

(Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and conducted in the UK by TCTU

(Tayside Clinical Trials Unit).

Preventing type 1 diabetes in children

Will you join us?


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