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A nifty little number, the Wavesense Jazz

meter now comes in a wireless version

with its own app which you can use the

AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App to track

health-related data, including glucose

results, carbohydrates, insulin dosage

and even your weight, should you wish.

You can also tag your glucose, insulin,

or carb entries with the associated meal

time, or add a custom note to yourself

so you can better understand your data

when reviewing it later.

There is a timeline view in the app that

helps you to spot trends, the more you

track, the more you can visualize trends.

You can view data over the course of a

day, week, or month in the Timeline. The

Logbook (a horizontal view) provides a

convenient, traditional format for reviewing

glucose readings. Glucose readings are

organised by time of day and meal tag.

Colour coding makes it easy to identify

highs and lows.

A pre-formatted email can be sent

direct from your phone and includes your

colour-coded glucose logbook as well as

statistics for insulin, carbs and weight.

Dexcom G5 Mobile Continuous Glucose

Monitoring System is comprised of a

sensor worn on the body, a transmitter on

this sensor and a smartphone app (or you

can use the CGM receiver). Either choice

of display will display your glucose trends

in vivid colors so you can easily see when

it's high, low or within range.

CGM shows you more about your

blood glucose than a meter can. A

blood test gives a number for a single

point in time (like a snapshot photo),

CGM provides glucose information that's

more like video and not only shows

where your glucose is at present, it also

indicates where it's going (trending up

or down), and how fast it's getting there.

The big news with Dexcom G5 Mobile

is that it's been passed for use without

needing to do confirmatory (often referred

to as fingersticks), for daily glucose

management decisions (although at least

two blood tests a day are required for

calibration purposes). However, you are

well advised that should your glucose

alerts and readings not match your

symptoms or expectations, you do an

old-fashioned blood test especially before

dosing up on insulin.

Via the app, Dexcom's G5 can send

alerts directly to your phone when you're

heading too high or too low (these can

also be customized to appear as a text

message, allowing for additional discretion

and privacy). Through secure wireless

connections it can also allow remote

viewing of your glucose levels and data

to other people compatible smart device

(partner, parent, HCP). There's also 24/7

support available online and by telephone

if needed.


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