OneTouch Verio Flex blood test meter and OneTouch Reveal app




The OneTouch Verio Flex meter is aimed

at diabetics on insulin, automatically

letting you know if your current result is

below, above or within your range limits. It

does this by displaying your current result

with a Range Indicator Arrow, pointing to

a corresponding Range Indicator Colour

Bar below the meter display. You can use

the Range Indicator Arrow and Colour Bar

together to interpret your results using

the trademarked ColourSure technology.

The 3-range colour indicator helps to

take the guesswork out of your blood

glucose numbers by telling you whether

your blood glucose results are low, in

range or high. The low and high limits

you set apply to all glucose test results.

This includes tests taken before or after

meal times, medications, and around any

activities that may affect blood glucose.

Check with your healthcare professional

about setting the low and high limits that

are best for you.

The OneTouch Reveal mobile app

highlights your patterns using colourful

and easy to understand visuals. Each

time you test using the OneTouch Verio

Flex blood test meter (which is Bluetooth

enabled) your results transfer automatically

over to the OneTouch Reveal mobile app.

Its electronic logbook contains up to 12

months of results and is colour-coded by

the ColourSure technology in the meter

so that patterns become easy to spot.

You can check results over different time

periods (e.g. 14 days) to assess progress.

From your phone you then can send your

results to your healthcare professional

or to a partner, carer or member of your

family if you wish.

The app is available to download from

the Apple App Store and GooglePlay

Store and works with iOS and Android

phones or tablets. (There is also a web

app -- computer/website version -- of

OneTouch Reveal for those not wanting

to use a smartphone.)

You may qualify for a free* OneTouch

Verio Flex meter, contact OneTouch

Customer Care on 0800 279 4142 (UK) or

1800 535 676 (Ireland) quoting the code

AE457. *Subject to eligibility


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