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Almost half of us (49%) have taken time

off work because of a throat infection

and one in eight (12%) adults has missed

five days or more. That is according to

the new research just published by Ultra

Chloraseptic. Similarly, three out of five

children (58%) have been absent from

school because of a sore throat and 12%

have lost five or more days. On average,

we suffer more than two sore throats a

year, although the vast majority are viral

infections - which don't respond to

antibiotics. Almost half (46%) of those

surveyed by Ultra Chloraseptic have

been prescribed antibiotics for a sore

throat, and almost a third (30%) have

been advised to use antibiotic throat

lozenges. The new Ultra Chloraseptic

research confirms that the most

troublesome symptoms are difficulty with

swallowing (78%) and pain (67%). Ultra

Chloraseptic is an anaesthetic throat

spray using the fast-acting ingredient,

benzocaine, creating targeted pain relief

within seconds, and helping to relieve

discomfort when swallowing. Benzocaine

works by blocking sodium and potassium

from entering nerve cells and activating

the pain pathway. As it is rapidly absorbed

by mucosal membranes in the throat -

the tissues which become painful and

inflamed when we have a sore throat -

benzocaine providing fast pain relief.

Unicough is a new, clinically proven cough medicine based on fresh scientific thinking

has been launched that will tackle all common coughs. A pharmacy only medicine,

Unicough has a unique, patented cocoa-formulation. It includes diphenhydramine, which

reduces the irritation (hypersensitivity) of

the nerve endings in the throat caused by

colds and flu. This means that Unicough

works by suppressing the urge to cough

irrespective of cough type - dry, tickly,

chesty and so on. It has been tested in

the largest study of its type in Europe,

with results showing it works better than

a simple linctus reducing the frequency

of cough as well as reducing night-time

cough disruption. Unicough costs £8.95

for a 150ml bottle and is available from

Boots and other leading pharmacies.

Not suitable for children under 12 and

pregnant women.

A study published in Complete Nutrition

described five key ways garlic can help

head off cardiovascular disease (CVD) -

the umbrella term for all forms of heart

disease and stroke. The evidence review,

which examined 44 studies, some of

them mega meta-analysis studies and

many of them reviewing KWAI garlic,

confirms garlic supplementation with

1.8mg of allicin lowers dangerous LDL

cholesterol and brings down blood

pressure while also cutting triglycerides

(fats associated with hardening of the

arteries). If that wasn't enough, it also

improves platelet function, a key factor

in blood clotting while delivering a strong

antioxidant effect. Products available from

Boots and selected grocery retailers and

independent pharmacies from £5.10

(Kwai Heartcare 30 one-a-day tablets).



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