Wavesense Jazz Wireless blood test meter, FreeStyle LIbre Link Up app


LIBRE LINK UP app (Android)



The LibreLinkUp is a free Android

smartphone app that works in conjunction

with the free to download LibreLink app,

which can be used alongside or instead

of your existing FreeStyle Libre reader.

It is a mobile app that allows parents

and other caregivers to receive glucose

readings from someone using LibreLink

with their FreeStyle Libre sensor. The

scanning phone needs the LibreLink app

and the carer's phone needs to download


For example, if you are a parent or

carer of a child with diabetes, your child

may be at school but you might want

to check their glucose levels. Now your

child scans as usual using LibreLink on

their smartphone and the results are

automatically sent to the LibreLinkUp app

on your smartphone.

The LibreLinkUp

app allows you to

remotely monitor your

child's glucose levels.

From the app on your

phone it's also easy to share any results

with up to 20 others (carers, teachers,

healthcare professionals). What you

will see on the app on your phone is

your child's latest glucose reading and

a colour band indicating whether your

child's glucose is high, low in target or out

of target and there will be a trend arrow

showing if your child's glucose is going up,

down or changing slowly. It also shows up

to the last 100 scans.

Abbott is working with Apple Inc on

offering apps on iOS. News to follow.


To sync your Wavesense Jazz Wireless

meter you will first need to pair your

device to your smartphone, once done,

new tests take seconds to transmit and

populate the app with your blood test

results and notes.



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