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October 22nd is National Nut Day, www.nationalnutday.


com, and this year’s focus is on switching to nuts to help

the environment, based on the premise that if we eat less

meat and highly processed foods – our planet will benefit

by helping to keep a lid on the creation of greenhouse

gasses and reducing use of valuable land resources.

“One of the keys to sustaining our planet is for those of us in the richer half of the world

to switch some meat consumption to relatively unprocessed plant-based products such

as nuts. Very significant pollution problems are caused to our air and water by livestock

farms,” says Dr Murphy-Bokern, an agri-environmental scientist and author of several

studies on food system impacts. If we reduce our meat consumption we can replace

some of it with other high protein foods such as nuts and ‘nutty’ legumes – like Brazil nuts,

cashews, peanuts and walnuts, which are a good nutritional alternatives to meat. Both meat

and nuts have the pleasant savoury taste described by the Japanese as umami – the fifth

basic taste after sweet, salty, sour and bitter. “Using plant-based ingredients high in umami

is a feature of traditional cuisines which are low in meat. Reducing meat consumption by

half in the average ‘western’ diet is not difficult; nuts are a high protein and environmentally

friendly option,” he adds.

Nuts are a source of vital fatty acids, omega fats, protein and many vitamins and

XyloBrit looks and tastes just

minerals. See our article on nuts and carb values in our previouis issue HERE.

like ordinary sugar, but with

40% fewer calories it is a


credible alternative. Made from

100% pure Xylitol, which is

extracted from hardwood trees

The growers at Steve's Leaves have matched such as Silver Birch, it can be

its award-winning baby leaves with fitting used just like ordinary sugar in

ingredients and mini pots of dressing to create hot and cold drinks, on desserts

new salad bowls with tempters like their BLT and cereals. Unlike other sugar

Salad with Quail's Eggs and Caesar Dressing substitutes, XyloBrit has a

(£2.90) and Wasabi Rocket Salad with Ginger very low Glycaemic Index (GI

& Chilli Croutons and a Miso Dressing (£2.75). = 8) and so can be used by

They have developed a revolutionary chiller people who are on low-GI diets

that rapidly cools the leaves within 60 minutes and is more suitable than real

of them being harvested, keeping them fresh sugar for people with diabetes.

and tasty. The salads are washed only in pure Studies have also shown that it

spring water and are ready to eat at any time. can inhibit the growth of certain

They serve two to four people on the side of bacteria, reducing the risk of

a main meal or make a healthy meal for one. dental cavities. So it’s tooth friendly too.


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