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Water With added oomph saVe £10!

Alkaline water can have

beneficial affects on The newly updated Contour Next USB

your health, specifically blood test meter is normally £29.99 RRP.

restoring the body’s Visit and enter

pH balance. Western USB121DN in the promotional code box

diets can contain to save £10 off the RRP. Offer expires

much acid-forming 31 December 2012 and is not available in

food. Increasing the conjunction with any other offer.

pH of water can help

to combat this, and

has a fantastic effect

on overall health. As

well as improving your

pH balance, the water

is naturally antiviral,

antibacterial and


Optimised Energetics sells a range of alkaline Storing up to 2,000 test values, you

giVeaWaY water products including flasks, jugs and sticks can upload reports to a personal area

We have one of these alkaline which increase the alkalinity of water using medical on the website and

water jugs to giveaway. Send grade colloidal silver. The PET plastic jug costs can reapply more blood to the same test

your name and address to £49.95 including enough filters for 12 months with strip if needed. Plugs into any computer a capacity for 2l of water and producing water with to see test results in charts and tables. A

with ‘water’ in the brightly coloured display and illuminated

a pH up to 10 while reducing heavy metals such

subject line.

as lead, copper, zinc and cholorine from tap water. test strip port make it easy to test in poor

Fits in the fridge door. lighting or at night. Uses CONTOUR NEXT test strips.

JuicY neW FLaVour

Newly added to the well-known Gluco brand, which has been

in production since 1984, is flavourful Berry Glucogel. Also

still available in Original flavour, this comes in either an 80g

bottle (£10.55) or a triple pack of three 25g tubes (£10.95). It

rest alongside the other products in the range -- Glucotabs

and Glucojuice. Each 25g tube contains 10g of fast-acting

glucose, designed to hit your blood stream quickly to pull

you out of a hypo by raising your blood glucose level. The

robust packaging means you can sling a few in your bag ‘just

in case’ while the sizes mean you can portion-control, so you

don’t over-do it when heading off that hypo.

Available on prescription or from


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