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Dead good chocolate

It’s nice to see that many chocolate producers have quite a

lot of fun with it, as it can easily be moulded into shapes. Hotel

Chocolat’s Halloween Collection includes a limited edition Dead

Gorgeous casket containing 28 chocolates finished with a 24-

carat edible gold laughing skull design. Less limited is the

rest of the tongue-in-cheek

‘horror-chic’ range. British

chocolatier and cocoa

grower, Hotel Chocolat,

has a cocoa plantation

in Saint Lucia and stores

across Britain.

Probiotic chocolate

Green & Black’s comprehensive So, normal dark chocolate is not bad

website directly tackles the ‘can diabetics for you, but can it literally be good for

eat your chocolate’ question by stating, you? We now live in an era when we can

“It is a myth that people with diabetes demand ‘functional foods’, which have

can’t eat chocolate. Chocolate, if eaten in health benefits beyond basic nutrition.

moderation, as part of a healthy balanced Among them are things like omega-3

diet will not have an adverse effect on your enriched eggs and now a ‘healthy’

long-term diabetes control.” Belgian chocolate, so much so that it’s

However, they do then go on to add, probiotic, which is to say that it includes

“It is important to remember that chocolate microorganisms that bring beneficial

is high in fat and calories as well as sugar qualities to the gut in term of intestinal

and therefore should be eaten in small and flora (bacteria).

sensible amounts by people with Made from 53% dark Belgian

diabetes as is recommended chocolate, Ohso chocolate (www.

for the general population in has been

line with healthy eating shown by clinical trials to be three times

guidance.” more effective at delivering daily probiotics

than a yoghurt drink, each bar contains

around a billion good-for-you bacteria. It

comes in a range of flavours and comes

in packs of 7 bars (from £3.99 for a pack

of 13.5g bars). Each bar is 72 calories, 6g

of carbs and 5g of fat.

These bars have no added dairy, are

gluten and wheat free and bring good

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