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October 13th theme is ‘Siabetes is more than

sees the Medications’.

annual IDDT Among the speakers are Dr

conference Laurence Gerlis (pictured) and

get underway Dr Mabel Blades. Dr Gerlis, a

from 9.30am, regular speaking at the event,

closing at is talking about ‘Insulin, how it

4.30pm. The behaves in your body’.

event takes As part of the day, there are

place at the discussion groups, some of the topics

Ketting Park Hotel in Northamptonshire. this year being, ‘Driving’, ‘Fun and Food’, Anyone is welcome to attend. Tickets

The IDDT is dedicated to bringing Regime Choices’, ‘Use of additional are £20 per person. Contact Rita on

information and support to diabetics Medications’, Living with Diabetes’ and 01604-622837 or email her:

on insulin, and this year’s conference ‘Pumps’.

Celebrate chocolate!

Chocolate Week celebrates the world of fine chocolate from

October 8-14, 2012 being the eighth consecutive year for

the event with the country’s top chocolatiers and chocolate

companies, as well as hotels, bars and restaurants hosting

talks, tastings, demonstrations and samplings.

A consumer show, Chocolate Unwrapped, will be held in

Covent Garden with more than 70 exhibitors offering talks

and demos and the chance to taste and buy the very best


Chocolate Week was set up to promote fine flavour

chocolate from producers who work in direct partnership

with the cocoa farmers, therefore encouraging us to pay a

fairer price for their chocolate. Chocolate Week is supported

by Divine Chocolate, Thorntons, Hotel Chocolat and Ecuador


For more info, see:

See our feature on chocolate and the diabetes diet on p. 7


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