Omnipod ambassador Khalid Keshta



With the bodybuilding I had to learn

more about nutrition, about protein

and carbs. I set about educating

myself, studying with my mind

focused on how to train while living

with diabetes, as opposed to how

people without Diabetes train."

At the time of his diagnosis,

Keshta was in his first year of

studying for a degree in civil

engineering. He went on to get

a Masters but now he is not

using those qualifications at all.

After graduating, he worked in

construction for four years and in

his spare time he studied nutrition

and sports. Then he took a course to

learn to become a personal trainer

and started as a part-time freelance

personal trainer.

"The reality is that before you

enter a body building competition,

you go on a very strict diet intended

both for weight loss and to pack on

muscle" says Keshta. "I consulted

with my HCP about my diet but in

my view, it's not that I can't do it,

it's just a different challenge for me.

Before a competition, I'll be on a

strict diet and train three times a day.

Some days it might be a diet high in

protein, some days high in carbs. I

may aim to eat 100g of carbohydrate

a day. If I have a hypo and take 30g

to treat it, or to prevent a low, that

means I've only got 70g of carbs left

for the day. So, of the 100g, 30g have

been simple sugars - like juice or

sweets - that have no nutrient value.

This is what makes it a lot more

challenging for someone competing

who has diabetes, because other

competitors are consuming their

carbs in the form of complex carbs

that will fill them up and keep them

energetic. Foods like oats, potatoes,

sweet potatoes or pasta. However,

some days I end up consuming all

my carbs from juice or sweets which

makes the prep that much harder."

In recent years Keshta has moved

away from MDI and onto an insulin

pump. He recalls, "I'd heard of insulin

pumps when I lived in Reading, but

I was told my HbA1c wasn't bad

enough to get a pump. It took me a

year of asking, but in the end, I did

go on a pump. I was happy with it at

the time but because of the tubing

and the type of exercise I did, I had

to take it off to train, so it ended

up feeling like too much of a faff.

Then I went to a JDRF event and saw

someone with something on their

arm; I just thought it was a massive

sensor, but they told me it was an

Omnipod® and it was actually a

tubeless insulin pump. That really got

my attention."

The main point

In the meantime, the Keshta family

had moved to Milton Keynes. At this

stage, Keshta asked his GP if he could

go on to the Omnipod® System, and

he referred him to his hospital team.

This experience was better, "I had

an extremely helpful HCP, she asked

the commissioner about getting me

an Omnipod® DASH System and a

week later I had an Omnipod DASH®

System! At first, I had to learn where

to place it but after a while I found

the best places to wear it."

When talking about what the main

benefits are to him he says, "The

main point is that it's tubeless. I can

also use temporary basal rates, which

are handy, especially during or after

exercise. I like the fact that it's easier

just to have to calculate my doses

using the personal diabetes manager

You can be

whatever you

want to be.

rather than on a basal/bolus regimen

with two insulins on MDI."

Keshta likes the fact that he can

suspend insulin whenever he wants

or needs to. He says, "This is very

useful when I'm training, and I feel

that my blood sugar might drop.

So, instead of consuming sugar and

messing up my diet as I used to do

with MDI, I just suspend insulin

delivery and that will usually reduce

my chances of needing to consume

sugar to prevent a low."

Now Keshta continues to train,

to compete, and to coach others as

a personal trainer. He uses social

media to help raise awareness of

what Type 1 diabetes is. "Now," he

says, "People ask me what's on my

arm, and I tell them it's my insulin

pump. I love being different, I love

wearing my Omnipod®, especially on

my abdomen when in a competition-

I don't want to hide it. People

comment on the muscles, then the

Pod and then they ask, 'how can you

do this and have Type 1 diabetes?'

And I say, 'You can be whatever you

want to be'."


This Omnipod DASH® System user testimonial relates to an account of an individual's response to treatment with

the Omnipod DASH® System. However, the individuals' response does not provide any indication, guide, warranty or

guarantee as to the response other persons may have when using the Omnipod DASH® System. The response other

persons have could be different. Please speak to your diabetes healthcare professional to assess your suitability for

the Omnipod DASH® System. Refer to the Omnipod DASH® Insulin Management System User Guide for complete

safety information including indications, contraindications, warnings, cautions, and instructions.


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