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ISSUE 124 Making sense of the

sudden upsurge in

sensor use in all thing

medical, not just

diabetes, we report on the new

digital age of electronic body patches

for everything from glucose, to

temperature, and beyond.

There are three interviews in this

issue. We have NHS worker Andy

Lavender talking about his diabetes

kit and the ultra-challenges he has

found he could complete using a

pump and CGM (image a day of being

100% time-in-range… then imagine

a week!). Then there's Khalid Keshta

who's also risen to a unique challenge

while living with T1D. After a leg

injury foiled his football career, he

returned to the gym and eventually


ended up winning body-building

competitions. I thought we'd have

nothing in common when we met,

but I couldn't have been more wrong.

Then there's a catch up with

Dexcom's CEO, Kevin Sayer, talking

to us ahead of the much-anticipated

launch of the company's G7 sensor.

Then, there's a Company Profile

of Warwickshire-based Advanced

Therapeutics which brings us the

Dana range of insulin pumps. There's

part 2 of our fishy food feature, with

info on some of the best online fish

markets where you can have your

selections delivered direct to your

home. Our Making Carbs Count

this issue is about black rice, with a

couple of tasty, summery recipes - a

cold soup (gazpacho) and a fruity

fresh salad.

We're back in September with

our next issue. Enjoy the summer as

much as possible.

Sue Marshall

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With our website and monthly online

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information to anyone who

wishes to read it. Our editorial sections

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recommending products but bringing

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We include global news stories

with a local focus on the UK and Irish

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as possible so you can go back and

read the original or fuller reports.

Features are on any and all aspects of

living with diabetes. We tend to focus

on new products and technological

advancements. Sometimes features

are themed specifically for T1D or for

T2D; you can pick what you want to

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We aim to bring you information,

but it's your diabetes. Talk to your

medical team if you have further

questions or concerns. While

we report on products such as

supplements or glycaemic index and

carb-counting as part of diet, it is your

responsibility to find out more if you

need to.

We include coverage of all sorts of

foods - soft drinks, chocolate, booze -

as these are part of normal life. We are

not encouraging consumption of these

items, we are bringing you information

about them. You choose what you eat.

We'd include soft drinks as they can

come in handy for treating a hypo, not

necessarily as part of a diabetic diet.

Angela Coffey is a freelance writer with extensive

experience in the healthcare sector. Previously she

edited Diabetes UK's membership magazine, Balance.

Julia Britten is a graphic designer and runs

JBS Print, Design & Websites:

James Anstee is a Marketing Consultant specialising

in social media and content creation through his

business Content 4 Social:


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