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The first Diabetes Specialist Nurse Forum

has taken place at the Leicester Diabetes

Centre. Founded by Amanda Epps,

diabetes specialist nurse at Medway

NHS Foundation Trust, the forum (which

took place in early June) was supported

by Diabetes UK. The forum's aim is to

provide support and allow exchanges of

views and information.

Epps (pictured right) was inspired

to start up the forum after attending the

Diabetes UK Professional Conference for

the first time this year. She says, "I was

amazed at how much good work was

being done by DSNs around the country.

I wanted to provide a space where

the sharing of practice could continue

between peers. Diabetes UK supported


the first meeting by letting us use one

of their change labs, and they changed

the agenda specifically to meet the DSN

forum needs."

Epps also says that she hopes that the

forum will, "Encourage the next generation

of nurses into diabetes. I want to ensure

current DSNs are able to easily connect

to their their peers around the country,

thereby reduce duplication of work, share

best practice, and improve diabetes care

across the UK and beyond."

Future forum events will focus on nurse

educational tools and include a series of

sharing good practice presentations.

"The first meeting was very exciting,"

says Epps, "The energy in the room was

inspiring, we recorded a video which

will be released soon showing diabetes

nurses talking about why they love their

job. The aim is to inspire nurses to follow

diabetes care as a career path. We are

planning regional meetings dates and

venues, which will be communicated in

the near future. "


Insulin pill may be on the horizon for

diabetics according to a recent report in

The Guardian, which said that a research

team successfully administers insulin to

rats in capsule form, raising hopes that a

version for humans could be developed.

The Guardian.

BCG vaccine & T1D

According to a report by Alexandra

Thompson, Health Reporter for the

MailOnline, "The BCG vaccines may

be a solution to Type 1 diabetes, new

research suggests. Three years after

having the jabs, which protect against

tuberculosis (TB), patients' blood-sugar

levels are near those of people without

the condition, a US study found today.

Previous research suggests BCG vaccines

produce substances that prevent immune

cells attacking the body's tissues. Type 1

diabetes occurs when the body launches

an attack on the pancreas, preventing it

from producing insulin. BCG vaccines

may also increase glucose uptake by cells,

causing blood-sugar levels to decrease,

the research adds. The researchers, from

the Massachusetts General Hospital, The

findings were published in the journal npj


Dr Mihai Netea, from Radboud

University, the Netherlands, who was not

involved in the study, commented, "The

effects and the proposed mechanism

demonstrated are exciting and add to

the emerging consensus that the BCG

vaccine can have a lasting and valuable

impact on the immune system." He

added that further research may lead

to the prevention and treatment of both

infections, like TB, and autoimmune

conditions, such as Type 1 diabetes.

See the MailOnline story HERE.

For further reporting by The Telegraph




The Quality in Care Awards 2018

nominations are still open to entries, If you

know of someone doing a great job in the

arena of diabetes care, then simply get an

entry form, fill it in and maybe you can get

someone the recognition they deserve.

Categories are Diabetes Healthcare

Professional of the Year; Outstanding

educator in diabetes; The People's Award.


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