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The NHS has trialled a small-scale pilot

of Dr Jen Nash's Eating Blueprint online

programme for people with Type 2

diabetes. The Eating Blueprint is a 12-

week programme that equips users with

psychological tools to change their eating

habits and reach their weight management

goals. There was an average weight

loss of 5kg and an HbA1c reduction for

people using the programme over a sixmonth period. Some participants were

able to stop taking their Type 2 diabetes

medication. If you are worried your weight

and would like to join the programme

membership is currently available for just

£7 per week (you can cancel at any time)

Gut bacteria may to blame for anxiety,

depression in obesity? Obesity brought on

by a high-fat diet might be accompanied

by changes in gut bacteria that alter brain

chemistry in such a way as to promote

anxiety and depression, says a report

in MedicalNewsToday. This was the

conclusion that researchers from the

Joslin Diabetes Centre of Harvard Medical

School in Boston, MA, and colleagues

came to after studying the link between

gut microbes and brain function in mice

with diet-induced obesity. They reported

their findings in a paper that published in

the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

In the paper, they note how giving

the animals antibiotics - which changed

the composition of their gut bacteria -

reduced inflammation, improved 'insulin

signaling in the brain,' and reduced 'signs

of anxiety and depression.'

"What this study says," says senior

study author C. Ronald Kahn, who works

with Harvard University and the Joslin

Diabetes Centre, "Is that many things in

your diet might affect the way your brain

functions, but one of those things is the

way diet changes the gut bacteria or


Medtronic CareLink Personal has

been revamped with a new uploader,

the result being that Java is no longer

required, making uploads much easier.

For the simplified uploading of Medtronic

supported insulin pumps and CGM to

CareLink Personal requires a one-time

installation on each computer you wish to

use. Once installed, return to the CareLink

Personal homepage ready to upload your

pump or meter and re-register them using

their serial numbers.

An uploader installation guide, plus a

guide on how to upload your pump with

the new uploader, can be found in a FAQ

document in PDF format (click the image

to the right to download the Medtronic

CareLink Personal Upload Install+Guide).

There are also videos for further

assistance. To see how to install the

uploader, click HERE. To see how to

upload to CareLink, click HERE.

For more information on Carelink

Personal, click HERE.

For further information and support

visit or contact our MiniMed Care Product

Support team on 01923-205167 (UK) or

01-511-1444 (Republic of Ireland).


The full range of Desang

Kitbags are back in stock.

Simply great for travel.

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The European Medicines Agency

(EMA) has accepted for review Sanofi's

regulatory submission for sotagliflozin. If

approved, the oral treatment would be

used as an addition to insulin therapy to

improve blood sugar control in adults with

Type 1 Diabetes. Developed in partnership

with Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, the drug is

an investigational dual inhibitor of SGLT-1

and SGLT-2, proteins that influence

how the intestines and kidneys process

glucose. Jorge Insuasty, Senior-Vice

President, Global Head of Development,

Sanofi says, "Despite recent advances,

there is a need for therapies to be used

in addition to insulin to help people with

Type 1 diabetes better control their blood

sugar. Sotagliflozin is the first SGLT-1/2

dual inhibitor to be accepted for regulatory

review in Europe."



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