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Tesco's has introduced a

new gourmet variety of

avocado called the Gem.

It has eye-catching,

natural gold flecks on

its outer skin while the flesh on the inside

is smoother and creamier than regular

varieties because it remains on the tree

for a longer period than other varieties. It

is also slightly sweeter and has a thicker

skin, making it easier to scoop out with a

spoon if that's what you want to do with it.

The supermarket reports that demand

for avocados (also known as crocodile

pears) is so strong in recent years that

the fruit has overtaken sales of oranges

for the first time with the demand is up

by more than 30% in the last year alone

because of the interest in healthy eating.

Avocados are a source of vitamin E,

which helps in the protection of cells from

oxidative stress. They are also a source

of B6, which aids the normal functioning

of the nervous system. Vitamin B6 also

helps in reducing tiredness and fatigue

and supports the normal functioning of

the immune system. The Gem avocado

is sold perfectly ripened and ready to eat

in packs of two.

Tesco recently sold two other rare

varieties of avocado - a mini version

called Zilla Eggs and a giant sized one

called the Avozilla, which is roughly five

times the size of the regular type.

Meanwhile, as this craze grew, the

supermarket was also working on ways

to add up to two extra days of shelf life to

these fruits, helping to cut down on food

waste, through a new packaging initiative.

The new design significantly improve

quality for shoppers, has been developed

after several years of trials. It works by

using a unique combination of UV light

treatment and improved packaging film to

extend freshness without any compromise

on quality or flavour. There has been

no change to the volume of packaging

used with the product, which has been

developed by Tesco supplier and fruit

and vegetable importers Greencell, which

specialise in supplying avocados.

And did you know, you can also buy

frozen avocado slices from Tescos, which

should also help you to reduce any food

waste from overripe avocados.

Tomato scoop

At Waitrose there is also a new

environmentally friendly form of packaging

that puts tomato plants to good use. It is

a form of non-plastic punnet which uses

tomato leaves to help package tomatoes.

The packaging is created in a complex

process using the latest technology,

that joins together dried tomato leaf and

recycled cardboard pulp. The new-style

punnets is initially being used for Waitrose

Duchy Organic cherry tomatoes and baby

plum tomatoes (in selected branches). If

the trial is successful, the non-plastic

punnet for these products will be rolled

Avocados are packed with antioxidants,

amino acids and essential oils which

can repair damaged hair, moisturize dry

skin, treat sunburns and maybe even

minimize wrinkles… More than 75%

of the fat in an avocado is unsaturated

fat, making them a great substitute

for foods high in saturated fat. A 1-oz

(30g) serving of avocados contains 50


The carbohydrates in avocados are

naturally occurring and a 1-oz (30g)

serving of Hass Avocado contains 3g

of carbohydrate with 2g of fibre (8% of

your daily recommended value). Fibre

is a complex carbohydrate and dietary

fibre can be helpful in controlling weight

because it helps make you feel full faster

and longer.

According to the researchers

researchers from the University of Sydney,

even in large amounts, foods including

avocadoes when eaten alone are not

likely to induce a significant rise in blood

glucose. It would be exceedingly difficult

for people to consume a portion of the

foods containing even 25g of available


Avocado nutrition

out to further branches in 2018 and could

save the use of 3.5m plastic trays a year.

Other recent Waitrose packaging

innovations include the boxes for Waitrose

Red Lentil Pasta and Waitrose Green

Pea Pastaj, which are partly made from

pulses. This reduces the use of virgin tree

pulp by 15% and lowers greenhouse gas

emissions by 20%. The box for Waitrose

Duchy Organic eggs is made from a

mixture of rye grass and recycled paper,

saving 77 tonnes of wood and paper

per year and using 60% less water to


Tesco's new 'egg box'

avocado carrier.


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