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Winning Here is the book of campaign

memoirs by LibDem (and diabetic) MP

Chris Rennard. In it he puts forward

views on things like, How did the Liberal

Party survive in the 1970s? Why were the

Liberal Democrats formed?

Rennard says, "My insights into all

these issues is described in a volume

of memoirs stretching from my father's

experience as a wounded POW in WWI,

being brought up by my disabled mum

after my father died, orphaned at 16 and

having to finish school living in my own

flat. I started running council elections in

my teens, was a successful constituency

agent at 22, the Lib Dem Director of

Campaigns & Elections at 29, a peer at


39, and Chief Executive at 43 when the

party was at the height of its electoral

successes. In addition, I was diagnosed

with Type 2 diabetes aged 34 in 1994

and by 2009 I had to make major lifestyle

changes as my control was poor. I have

since worked with other members of the

All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on

diabetes. My overall control has much

improved as a result of standing down

from my last major role and my level of

diabetic medication is about half of what

it was10 years ago.

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discount to buy the hardback at £18.99

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The number of people diagnosed with

diabetes in the UK has more than doubled

in the last twenty years, according to new

analysis released by Diabetes UK. The

new figures show that there are now

almost 3.7 million people living with a

diagnosis of the condition in the UK, an

increase of 1.9 million since 1998. The

data also shows that the number of

people diagnosed with Type 1 or Type

2 diabetes has increased by almost

100,000 since last year - from 3,590,501

to 3,689,509.

The West Yorkshire city of Bradford

has the UK's highest prevalence of

diabetes, with more than one in ten

people (10.4%) living with a diagnosis.

Conversely, Richmond in London has

the lowest incidence, with 3.6% of the

population affected. The national average

is currently 6.6%.

Almost nine in ten people diagnosed

with diabetes have Type 2, and it is

estimated that there are nearly 1 million

people currently living with the condition

who don't know they have it because they

haven't been diagnosed. Counting this

undiagnosed population, the total number

of people living with diabetes is 4.6 million.

While Type 1 diabetes isn't currently

preventable, three in five cases of Type

2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed

by making healthier choices, by helping

people understand their own risk of

developing the condition − and how to

reduce it - and by securing early diagnosis

for those known to be at high risk.

Obesity is the leading cause in the

majority of preventable cases of Type 2.

To support this work, Diabetes UK

is also a partner in the NHS Diabetes

Prevention Programme in England. This

programme supports adults who are

at high risk of Type 2 diabetes to make

lifestyle changes that could reduce their

risk, and demonstrates the urgent need

for similar developments in the other three

nations of the UK.



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