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A FreeStyle LibreLink app is now available

on iOS for iPhones. Previously available

on Android smartphones*, the FreeStyle

LibreLink app is available for iPhone 7 and


Using the FreeStyle LibreLink app on a

smartphone includes several updates and

new features in comparison to the reader

including: a larger, high-resolution display,

text-to-speech capabilities for glucose

readings and the ability to log

smaller doses of insulin (0.1 unit vs

0.5 units).

The FreeStyle LibreLink app has

been launched as part of Abbott's

Digital Health Solutions.

*There is a comprehensive list of

compatible Android smartphones

available on Abbott's website.

With approximately 400,000 Type 1 diabetics

in the UK, with as many as a quarter of which

having low hypo awareness, it has been

proven than continuous glucose monitoring

(CGM) reduces exposure to dangerously

low hypos. Yet it is still not widely or easily

available on the NHS.

The randomised controlled trial

(RCT) assessed impact of two glucose

monitoring systems, the Dexcom G5

Mobile (Continuous Glucose Monitoring

and Abbott's FreeStyle Libre (Flash Glucose

Monitoring), on hypoglycaemia in people

with Type 1 diabetes.

In the study, participants were

randomised into two groups with 20 users

wearing Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM and the

other 20 wearing Abbott FreeStyle Libre

Tandem Diabetes Care, the medical device

company and manufacturer of the only

touchscreen insulin pumps available in the

US has entered into a distribution agreement

with Rubin Medical to commercialize

its t:slim X insulin pump (and supplies)

in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Kim

Blickenstaff, president and CEO of Tandem

Diabetes Care comments, "This represents

the first pump distribution agreement for

Tandem Diabetes Care outside of the United


States and is a significant step forward

for our international commercialization


Tandem manufactures and sells the

t:slim X Insulin Pump, the only pump

capable of remote feature updates

using a personal computer, now

available with Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM

integration, and the t:flex insulin pump,

the first pump designed for people with

greater insulin requirements.

FGM. The findings of the I HART study

(Impact on Hypoglycaemia Awareness

of Real Time CGM and Intermittent

Continuous Glucose Data) have been

published in Diabetic Medicine, the

medical journal of Diabetes UK. The

study concluded that Dexcom's G5

Mobile CGM reduced time spent in

hypoglycaemia at night and reduced

the fear of hypoglycaemia.

Dr. Nick Oliver, Principal Investigator,

Imperial College London, says,

"This impactful study highlights the

importance of innovative technologies

in managing a challenging long-term

condition which has serious health

and psychological outcomes for young

people. It supports the role of real-time

CGM devices with alerts and alarms

in the clinical pathway for people with

Type 1 diabetes, especially those with a

high risk of hypoglycaemia and impaired

hypoglycaemia awareness."

John Lister, General Manager, Dexcom

EMEA comments, "We are delighted that

the Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System was

able to demonstrate such a significant

reduction in hypoglycaemia both during

the day and at night, while also reducing

the fear associated with hypoglycaemia.

This study also helps to demonstrate the

value of real-time CGM with alerts and

alarms in helping people manage their

diabetes around the clock."


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