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The Pepper Project is an EU-funded

research and innovation project that

aims to develop innovative tools to help

people with diabetes. You can discover

more about the project and help it to win

a competition launched by the European

Commission by liking it. The project with

the most likes by the end of March 2018

will receive special recognition by the

European Commission.

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A new insulin which is rapid-acting and

ultra-concentrated is due to be tested in

clinical trials in 2018. The insulin, which was

developed through a partnership between

JDRF and pharmaceutical company Arecor,

could lead to smaller (and therefore easierto-wear) insulin pumps.

Most people living with T1D are on

injections an use a mix of different types

of insulins throughout the day. Rapidacting

insulin is commonly used to

manage glucose levels following meals,

with a long-acting insulin being used as

'background' insulin, lasting up to 24-

hours. Those on insulin pumps only use

rapid-acting insulin. To date, concentrated

insulins have been unable to act as fast

as rapid-acting insulins. This has meant

that larger volumes of rapid-acting insulin

are needed to manage glucose levels

following meals.

In 2016 JDRF partnered up with

UK pharmaceutical company Arecor

to develop a new rapid-acting, ultraconcentrated insulin. The project


been a success. The new insulin has now

been fully tested in the lab, and the team

aim to start clinical trials in humans later

this year.

If shown to be safe and effective

in clinical trials, the ultra-concentrated

nature of the insulin means that it could be

stored in smaller vials for use in pumps,

which could lead to pumps being smaller

in size.

Director of Research Partnerships

for JDRF UK Rachel Connor says, "This

is exciting news. This new rapid-acting,

ultra-concentrated insulin is the first of

its kind, and we're looking forward to

the results of the clinical trial. This project

really highlights how working with industry

can drive things forward for people living

with Type 1."

There is an annual conference about diabetes

technology called ATTD (Advanced Technology for the

Treatment of Diabetes). This year blogger The Grumpy

Pumper attended. You can read his views and insights

in the link. He was sponsored to attend the event by

Ascensia Diabetes Care. Click HERE.




London Diabetes has updated its clinic

site as

well as the dedicated diabetes page at

COO David Briggs says, "Since we

started over 25 years ago, we've grown

to be the UK's leading private specialist

outpatient clinic. Always at the core of

the clinic was our diabetes service, which

we have decided to highlight under the

sub-brand name the London Diabetes

Centre. The London Diabetes Centre

offers not only the finest facilities but also

a single team bringing together cutting

edge expertise in every aspect of diabetes






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