Medtronic CGM, Medtronic Guardian Connect


these insights for people with diabetes

on insulin injection therapy," says Annette

Brüls, president, Diabetes Service and

Solutions at Medtronic. "Guardian

Connect is also compatible with our

CareLink diabetes therapy management

platform and arms healthcare providers,

their patients and care partners with

actionable data to help improve day-today diabetes management and make

long-term therapy adjustments."

The Guardian Connect system

consists of a small wearable CGM

device that takes glucose readings

every five minutes (288 times a day)

and sends these glucose values directly

Omnipod on-body 'pods' with the insulin pump's Personal

Diabetes Manager (PDM handset)

Company: Insulet

Product: Omnipod

Screen: Personal Diabetes Manager

(PDM) handset

Omnipod's clear advantage is that it

does not having any tubing, the insulin

is in an on-the-body pod which delivers

it following preset basal and wireless

instructions for bolus doses from the

Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM), a

handset which doesn't need to be worn

and comes with an integrated blood

glucose meter and bolus calculator. The

two parts - the pod and the PDM - are

simple and lightweight. Some might worry

about wearing a pod on the body, but

most users do not revert back to tubing

having tried Omnipod, also referred to as

a patch pump. Note, the pod (which is

worn for up to three days) is waterproof

but the PDM is not.


Insulet Corporation is in the process

of establishing direct operations for

its Omnipod System across Europe.

That means that the company will

be taking over the distribution, sales,

marketing, training and support for the

Omnipod System across Europe once continued over

to a smartphone app. People on insulin

injection therapy can use the system to

check glucose levels on their mobile

phones, enabling them to see highs and

lows in real-time, understand the trends

and help improve their daily management

of diabetes. Healthcare professionals can

leverage automatic daily data uploads via

Medtronic's CareLink software.

The Guardian Connect smartphone

app will initially be available with iOS

devices. Medtronic is currently developing

an Android version of the Guardian

Connect app for release at a later date.

its agreement with Ypsomed ends at the

end of June 2018. The two companies

will work closely to ensure continuity of

care for Omnipod users. In the UK, the

Omnipod System is the same product

as mylife OmniPod but has always been

manufactured by Insulet. Current users

can be assured that this transition will

not affect the supply of your Omnipod

products with Ypsomed continuing to

operate as the point of contact during

the transition period. You will be given

advance notification of any changes to

the ordering process to ensure continuity

of care. Check this website for the latest

information and updates:

Medtronic Enlite sensor

and Guardian Connect app.


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