Accu-Chek Insight insulin pump


Company: Roche Diabetes Care

Product: Accu-Chek Insight insulin pump

Screen: Accu-Chek Insight handset

In the Accu-Chek Insight insulin pump

the introduction of wireless transmission

of blood glucose data immediately led to

an increased use of bolus calculator by

users, as well as an increased adjustment

of therapy via the on-screen manager.

Easier to use than previous models and

more 'visual', users are able to quickly see

an overview of their diabetes control. The

training for using the pump is short. As the

handheld unit is just like a smartphone,

people quickly pick up how it works. It's a

touch-screen and in colour and presents

an immediate display of data in colored

tables and graphs on the Accu-Chek

Aviva Insight diabetes manager handset.

Enhanced data management

functions facilitate communication with

healthcare teams by means of a fully

synchronized diary which stores blood

tests, insulin dosages and information on

meals and activities as logged by the user.

Two-way Bluetooth interface enables safe

communication between the two main

components of the Accu-Chek Insight

system (the pump and the manager

handset). An intuitive user interface on

the colour touchscreen of the handheld

offers full control for daily diabetes life. It is

discreet and private to use via the remote

control and the pump incorporates an

easy to use pre-filled cartridge system

Company: Roche Diabetes Care

Product: Eversense implantable CGM

Screen: Eversense Mobile App

The Eversense implanted CGM system

continually measures interstitial fluid

glucose levels in adults with diabetes for

the operating life of the sensor, which

is currently indicated at 180 days (six

months). Although the CGM is implanted

the user wears a reader on the skin above

the technology. The data received and

viewed via a smartphone app includes

glucose trend information and alarms for

the detection and prediction of episodes

of hypo and hyper. The aim is that the

system will allow users to manage their

diabetes with more flexibility, confidence

and discretion. The system needs

calibrating twice a day with a blood

glucose reading. The Eversense sensor is

inserted in a clinical environment where a

5-8mm insertion is made in the upper arm

under a local anaesthetic). A small pocket

is then created 3-5mm under the skin

into which the sensor is inserted using a

special insertion tool. The insertion is then

closed with steri-strips.

The implanted sensor is powered

wirelessly by the transmitter placed on

the arm directly over the sensor. The

Eversense mobile app can send the data

wirelessly to a cloud-based application

allowing the data to be shared with the

caregiver or diabetes healthcare team.

The sensor is removed in the clinic using

local anaesthetic. Another sensor can

then be inserted into the same place.

Alternatively, the incision is closed using

steri-strips if a new sensor is to be inserted

at a fresh location.

The smart transmitter provides

on-body vibration alerts even if the

smartphone is not nearby or switched

off. The Eversense mobile app displays

the sensor glucose data from the smart

transmitter, displaying the current glucose

value every 5 minutes and displays where

the glucose is headed and how fast.

Centre left: the Eversense sensor.

Above, the Eversense sensor, reader and smartphone app.

Left and above:

Accu-Chek's Insight

insulin pump

with touchscreen



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