Medtronic Minimed 640G insulin pump


Company: Medtronic

Product: CGM, Enlite sensor

Screen: Insulin pump (MiniMed 640g)

Medtronic's CGM uses an Enlite on-body

glucose sensor with transmitter that

sends readings into its MiniMed 640g

insulin pump every five minutes (so 288

times a day). The MiniMed 640g insulin

pump system includes an array of alarms

that can be adjusted around an individuals

needs and which have been proven to

increase time spent in range.

The insulin pump's screen shows the

data as a line, with pre-set high and low

levels helping people to see how much

time they have spent in range. Increased

time in range has been linked to improved

HbA1c outcomes.

Medtronic's SmartGuard technology

operates on it's MiniMed 640g insulin

pump systems, incorporating 'suspend

before low', whereby the pump is enabled

to suspend insulin delivery when sensor

readings are predicted to go below a set

level. This has been proven to greatly

reduce - and even eliminate - hypos,

especially at night, giving users greater

confidence in trying to keep glucose

readings in range and thereby leading to

greater overall control.

Suspend before low is one half of

the equation, with the next-generation

MiniMed 670g insulin pump system (only

currently available in the US) also having

the ability to increase insulin basal rates

at a set level if glucose readings are high.

Company: Medtronic

Product: Guardian Connect CGM

Screen: Smartphone app

Medtronic also now has a new standalone CGM option. Medtronic's


Connect is mobile continuous glucose

monitoring (CGM) system for people with

diabetes using insulin injection therapy.

With Guardian Connect, people on

insulin injections are able to check their

current glucose level anytime on their

mobile device, as easily as checking

other information sources such as email,

the weather or social media. Users can

also be alerted of high and low glucose

levels on their mobile device, helping them

confidently avoid or address high and low

glucose situations.

Guardian Connect is the first and

(currently) only mobile CGM system with

customizable SMS text alerts that enable

care partners (parents, spouses, carers)

to receive high and low glucose alerts on

any connected mobile device. The system

also features the option to automatically

upload the data daily into Medtronic's

CareLink therapy management software.

That reduces the burden of data upload

for both people on multiple daily injections

(MDI) as well as their healthcare providers.

"Having continuous, real-time

access to glucose values and being

alerted to important trends and events

is key for people with diabetes. With our

new Guardian Connect system, we've

continued to innovate so we can deliver

continued over

Medtronic 640g insulin pump with Enlite CGM with

SmartGuard insulin suspend (and Contour Next One Link

blood test meter for calibrations). Below left: on body.


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