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Spirit Healthcare has released a mobile app,

Activ8rlives, that helps you track your health and

wellness. Free on iOS and Android, the app can

wirelessly record and track a wide range of health

measurements, as well as tracking fitness levels and

sleep patterns and is completely customisable - you

can set your own trackers and goals, depending on

your specific health needs. Data and biomarker values can be uploaded wirelessly from

compatible devices or entered manually. These are then displayed on a customisable

dashboard and in charts. Incorporating an element of gamification to improve motivation,

the app includes daily rewards and points for good levels of daily activity.

Kevin Auton, Co-Founder of Aseptika Ltd, which was recently acquired by Spirit

Healthcare, explains, "By self-monitoring with simple devices through Activ8rlives, you

can be alerted earlier, seek treatment sooner and can prevent small problems escalating.

Whether you need to monitor your blood glucose, your temperature or blood pressure,

this app can combine the data from all your Bluetooth devices to give you an integrated

picture of your health. Our customisable dashboards help you monitor the trends and

patterns in your health that matter to you. Users can identify which foods are 'good' or

'bad', and they can keep track by taking photos or using stored data and you can make

notes. We know from our trials that this helps users learn about their own behaviours and

what drives their eating habits, helping them make 'better' choices in future."

Activ8rlives website


Most of us are very familiar with the very

un-user friendly phrase, 'HbA1c', that

result around which our consultations

with our doctors revolve. Known in

the USA as A1C, the new A1C Now

diagnostic kit means it's possible to check

your HbA1c without having to visit your

GP or clinic as it can be used at home.

Your HbA1c result is one of nine NICE

recommended diabetes checks that all

people with diabetes should receive at

least once a year. It has previously only

been accessed via a clinical setting but

the UK launch of the A1CNow diagnostic

kit means that it is now available to

individuals for the first time. Regular

monitoring of HbA1c blood glucose levels

is useful both for detection and effective

treatment of diabetes. The A1CNow is a

single-use test, which can be used every

The Accu-Chek FastClix finger pricker

is unlike conventional lancing devices in

many ways. There are no longer fiddly,

and arguably dangerous loose lancets

that need to be fitted, this is an extremely

handy little gadget that uses an innovative

drum containing six lancets that you never

have to see or handle, making testing is

safer and hygienic. Prime the device,

press the button and the lancet comes

out, piercing the skin just deep enough,

then retracts safely back inside the drum.

The special cut of the lancet and its

smooth, polished surface mean that skin

penetration is virtually friction-free and

especially gentle (you'll barely feel it). The

drums can then be disposed in household

waste so no need for a separate sharps

bin. With 11 depth settings on the comfort

dial you can adjust the lancet depth to

match your skin type and obtain just

enough blood to provide an accurate test.

Once only available with Accu-Chek's

own range of blood glucose meters now

anyone can get one to use with their own

meter. £14.95 (a box of 24 lancets is

£4.49). www.boots.com


two to three months. The HbA1c result

displays after just five minutes. A low

reading will reassure patients that they

are adequately controlling their long-term

blood glucose levels, a higher reading

should be discussed with your healthcare

professional for further advice. Priced

around £50.



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