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The UK is the biggest consumer of

halloumi cheese outside of Cyprus,

with Waitrose customers buying

enough packs of halloumi last year

to stack 206 times the height of The

Shard in London and apparently

the equivalent weight of 33 London

buses. Originally from Cyprus, but

widely used throughout the middle

east, halloumi is a salty, brined cheese

traditionally made from the curd of

goat and sheep milk. Its high melting

If you love your coffee and happen to be near

Upper St Martin's Lane, London, you can

pop in to build a perfect brew just for you.

Those wishing to just grab a quick cuppa

and go, can do so knowing they will taste

delicious, high-quality brews with a palate

precision. It's perfectly engineered coffee that

mixes scientific geekiness and a fondness of

direct trade with farmers. Or stay a while and

ask the barista for a tour of how to expertly

prepare your own brew at the Home Barista

Station. You can be trained on the brewing

equipment and then take the rich flavours

home by ordering fresh roasted coffee

from their grindery. You can find out

who cultivates the beans available

in the shop, how it is grown, picked

and dried. Coffee Island searches

and reserves microlots of limited

edition single origin specialty coffee

from small, carefully selected farms.

The conditions under which they

are grown, picked and processed

are unique and cannot be repeated.

Coffee Island at 5 Upper St Martin's

Lane, London.


point makes it a perfect for grilling, frying

or baking. Being high in protein and

calcium, halloumi is also a good choice as

part of a balanced diet. Cypriots especially

like to eat it grilled with watermelon, as

the combination of the salty and sweet is

refreshing in the warm climate. It's a great

swap for bacon because of its saltiness.

You can also freeze it for up to a year

without it affecting the texture."

For halloumi recipes visit:


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