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It's a big commitment from the owner

too, but very much worth it. As Pesterfield

says, "Magic comes with me everywhere

even onto the paediatric ward in the

hospital where I'm a DSN. He has the

same rights as a guide dog as he is an

accredited assistance dog and meets an

international standard that means that he

is safe to be in public environments. He

is trained to respond to only my blood

glucose level. He detects when I'm in

trouble by smell. Whatever else I am

doing, this smell prompts him to do the

action - his behaviour has to be obvious

so I know I have to act. He can't do the

blood test for me, that part of the deal is

for me to do. Some dogs do an intense

stare, but Magic always jumps up. He is

trained to alert me when I'm at 4.7mmols

or below, so I have time to act before

I'm in hypo, as by then I could be too

confused to act appropriately."

Magic is a four-legged glucose

monitoring device - a canine with CGM

capabilities. Pesterfield says, "He's

better than CGM; he picks up to my

blood sugars up to 45 minutes ahead of

time, where as the CGM is arguably 15

minutes behind. At Medical Detection

Dogs we are undertaking some research

comparing dog versus CGM to prove this


IT'S A KIND OF MAGIC: Claire Pesterfield and her hypo

awareness dog, Magic. He certainly lives up to his name.

In the photo below Magic was alerting Pesterfield that she

needed to do a blood test. He was right, she had a low blood

sugar. Magic stays with her all the time, and she now reports

havng no bad hypo events.


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