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Feel Good Drinks know that if you

drink 'good', you feel good. The 100%

natural soft drink has a new look and

a new range of uplifting flavours for

you to enjoy. Start 2017 with three

new flavours in the 'Bit Bubbly' range:

Orange, Passion Fruit & Water; Apple,

Elderflower & Water; Cranberry, Lime

& Water. If bubbles don't do it for you

there is a 'Refreshingly Still' range which

includes new flavours: Orange, Mango &

Water; Cranberry, Pomegranate & Water;

Lemon, Elderflower & Water. The six

updated flavours have no added sugar

- each is 100% natural, made from a

simple blend of fruit and water. Available

from Asda, Sainsbury's and www.


The people at the Natural Low Carb Kitchen (NLCKitchen) create snacks and meals that

are all-natural and use no sweeteners or additives, are low carb and good for 'on the go'

eating. The range includes breakfast granolas, bars, brownies, puddings and meals that

are high in fibre and nutritious fats as well as being rich in protein. They are designed for

anyone looking to follow a low carb lifestyle. www.nlckitchen.com

Yorkshire Provender is a family business

producing delicious soups using only

the highest quality ingredients. Fresh off

the hob is Yorkshire Provender's newest

soup, Moroccan Vegetable Tagine.

Bringing warmth to your table on cold

night, it is a vegan soup that combines

stacks of vegetables with herbs and

spices. This soup is gluten-free and low

in calories. The flavours are also free from

added sugars. All Yorkshire Provender

soups give a boost to your daily vegetable

intake. Two of the company's soups were

recently recognised in the Great Taste

Gold Awards, with one star for Thai Green

Chicken Noodle, described as 'a visually

appealing soup, very well balanced and

well executed.' Chicken & Butternut Soup

with Lentil & Cumin was awarded two

stars for its 'delicate balance of flavours',

'a lovely hearty dish' in which 'quality

shines through.' Priced from £2.49

from Waitrose, Asda, Ocado, Morrisons

(Yorkshire stores), Budgen and Co-Op.



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