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and treating ourselves to indulgences the

other 10%. When we eat carbohydrates

such as pasta, potatoes, grains, or sugary

foods such as fresh or dried fruit, natural

unprocessed forms of sugar, we eat them

with protein and fat so as not to raise blood

sugar levels. Looking back this is the way

that Giancarlo's family ate in Tuscany when

he was growing up. Small portions of pasta

with ragu sauce, meat went further with

plenty of vegetables, and salad from the

garden accompanied bread and cheese.

His family were all lean and healthy. It

was in the UK Giancarlo started to have

huge portions of pasta, milky coffee all

day, cravings the sweet fruits and sugary

biscuits. To stop it we needed our family to

cross over to the greener side of life.

"Together we set out to discover new

ways of eating vegetables with a focus

on salads from all corners of the world.

We travelled to Southeast Asia, Morocco,

Italy and the US to discover a new way of

eating. We worked with family cooks and

chefs from countries such as India, Nepal,

Sri Lanka, Cambodia, North and South

America, China, Japan, France, Kuwait,

Greece, Peru, Korea , and more. We

wanted to understand and be confident

in using unfamiliar ingredients to prepare

dressings, marinades and spice rubs. We

also learned to cut vegetables differently,

how presentation makes a huge difference,

how to play with textures and to balance


"From our travels we have broadened

our culinary horizons. We have been

inspired by other cultures and have been

enthused by the people we have met, all

those cooks who have generously brought

their salads to life for us. We have increased

our repertoire of family meals and found a

healthier way to eat.

"As well as being restauranteurs,

. Giancarlo and I are both enthusiastic

teachers in our cookery school. In writing

our book we wanted to say 'look how easy

it is to prepare', 'try this, it's really good for

you and tastes amazing' and above all 'look

how you can make every day vegetables

into magnificent and moreish salads'."

Around the World in Salads by Katie

& Giancarlo Caldesi, published by Kyle

Books. Photography by Helen Cathcart.

See over the page for a recipe from the

book (the front cover is on the page

opposite). RRP £16.99.


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