Making Carbs Count winter salads


In their book, Around the World in Salads, Katie and Giancarlo

Caldesi show you 120 ways to 'love your leaves'. In her introduction,

Katie Caldesi explains her interest in salads, and how they became

vital to her diet after a diagnosis of diabetes in the family.



"I have always been drawn

to salads. I like the crunch

of fresh vegetables, lively

colourful leaves and

punchy dressings. They

sharpen my mind and give me energy yet

still fill me up without leaving me sluggish

and tired. I can't say the same for how my

husband, Giancarlo, feels; he was pasta

man and I was salad girl. Then within one

month our world turned upside down.

Giancarlo was told he was diabetic; he had

to lose weight, give up sugar and eat less

carbohydrates. This meant less pasta, no

more cappuccino with sugar or cakes and

biscuits. Then just weeks later he was told

he was intolerant to gluten, badly so. Poor

Giancarlo! He had to give up pasta, bread

and pizza, all the things a traditional Italian

man loves. On the bright side he could eat

salads and no one told him he shouldn't eat


A new world

"A few months after this we found out that

our son Giorgio is also gluten intolerant. So

now we are pretty much gluten-free as a

family and vegetables take centre stage.

We grow plenty of our own and try to buy

local and organic where possible.

"Salad is fresh, it is rich in nutrients and

usually, though not always, low in sugar and

often gluten-free. Our book was inspired by

a new way of eating at home, eating healthy

food made from scratch 90% of the time


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