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David Strich, et al, published in the Journal

of Pediatrics (USA) have shown that a

lower basal insulin dose is associated

with better control in Type 1 diabetes. To

test the hypothesis that lower basal insulin

doses may be paradoxically associated

with better diabetic control, the researches

assessed the association between the

basal insulin dose and hemoglobin A1c

(HbA1c) level in a group of children and

young adults with Type 1 diabetes.

This was a retrospective study of 89

patients with Type 1 diabetes treated in

a single outpatient clinic. Forty-six of the

89 patients were treated with continuous

subcutaneous insulin infusion, and the

other 43 were treated with multiple daily

injections (glargine as basal insulin).

HbA1c level and basal insulin dose

were entered with other variables in a

multivariable linear regression model.

There was a significant correlation

between injection of less total daily

basal insulin and lower HbA1c level.

The research team concluded that with

lower basal insulin levels, lower HbA1C

was achieved despite the same total

bolus dose. The optimal basal dose as

determined by this study is similar to that

found in fasting individuals of similar age.

LOWER BASAL = BETTER CONTROL In December the government

announced tough new rules banning

the advertising of high fat, salt or

sugar (HFSS) food or drink products

in children's media. The rules will

apply across all non-broadcast media

including in print, cinema and, crucially,

online and in social media. The rules,

which will apply in media targeted at

under-16s, will come into effect on 1

July 2017. This significant change is

designed to help protect the health and

wellbeing of children.




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