Paul Coker, Peter Davies, diabetes


Two diabetics and a doctor took on Pen-y-Fan in Wales's

Brecon Beacons and lived to tell us their tale.


Paul Coker and Peter

Davies headed to a cold

and snowy Pen-y-Fan,

in the Brecon Beacon's

in November last year

to mark their combined 100 years of living

with Type 1 diabetes. Coker (on the right

in the photos) is 44 years old and lives in

South Wales and has been living with Type

1 for 40 years. Davies is 62-years-old

and lives in Surrey and on Monday 28th

November 2016 he 'celebrated' living with

Type 1 diabetes for 60 years. The reason

they climbed Pen-y-Fan was to send an

encouraging message to young people

and young families who are directly affected

by Type 1 diabetes. Their message was:

"Don't let Type 1 stand in your way, you can

still take on the challenges you have always

dreamed of and achieve great things!"

The Pen-y-Fan achievement now

behind them, Coker is set to mark his 40th

'diaversary' by running 40 half marathons

during 2016/7, while Davies is finalising

plans for a high-altitude trek in the Peruvian

Rainbow Mountains in June 2017. Both

challenges are aimed at raising money for

worthy charities.

They were due to be joined by Colin

Rowland but he sustained an injury taking

part in the New York Marathon and could

not join. Rowland has had Type 1 diabetes

for 50 years, had he joined, the team's

combined experience of living with diabetes

would have been 150 years. Instead, at

short notice, they were joined by Suzi Hale

(centre), one of the doctors who supported

the three guys when they took part in the

JDRF Kilimanjaro challenge in 2014.

Sponsor Paul Coker's 40 half marathons


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