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sugar content in their sugary drinks.

It could mean almost half a million

fewer cases of obesity, Type 2 diabetes

and tooth decay in the UK every year.

We've always believed the Soft Drinks

Industry Levy will deliver positive health

benefits, so it's great to see even more

evidence supporting this. Now it's

time for us to work together, alongside

the Government, to ensure the levy is

introduced to help make healthier choices

easier for everyone."

Stats on sugary drinks

The irony is how much sugar is in 'health'

drinks. At least if they are labelled as

energy drinks you can guess they are

full of sugar, but the ones cliaming to be

healthy fo ryou need good scrutiny before

drinking if you have diabetes. Today, half

(49%) of Brits drink sports or energy

drinks, rising to 80% of men aged 16-

24. Branded products are currently the

most popular variety; however, frequency

of usage is low as just 16% of Brits have

drunk a branded sports drink, and 12%

have drunk a branded energy drink, at

least once a week in the past 12 months.

The tax on sugary soft drinks is due

to come into effect in April 2018 and the

majority of UK sports and energy drink

users say they expect their purchasing of

these products to be affected as a result of

any price increases that are likely to occur

according to new research from Mintel

which reveals that one in three Britons who

drink these would cut back on the amount

of sugary varieties they consume if the price

were to increase. One in five say they would

stop drinking sugary varieties altogether.

Only 37% say they wouldn't change their

drinking habits at all.

Low-sugar and sugar-free variants of

sports and energy drinks are set to benefit.

Over one third of those surveyed (37%)

say that they would switch to low-sugar

or sugar-free versions as a result of price

changes on their sugary counterparts.

Almost half (48%) said they would drink

other drinks instead, such as juice,

smoothies or milk. Already the impending

sugar tax has caused an uplift in product

innovation. According to Mintel Global New

Products Database (GNPD), 28% of sports

and energy drinks launched in the UK so far

this year have carried a low, no or reduced

sugar claim, up from just 10% of sports and

energy drink products launched in 2015.

Looking ahead, Mintel research

highlights significant consumer interest in

new product innovation using more healthoriented

ingredients such as having coldpressed

juice included in these drinks. The

research indicates that products made with

more naturally-derived ingredients are likely

to appeal to consumers. Consumers said

that it would be good to know the origin

of ingredients used in sports and energy

drinks, for instance Sicilian lemons or

Brazilian guarana, and they seem interested

in reduced sugar sports and energy drinks

made with plant-derived sweeteners.



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