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The Ultimate Sandwich by Jonas Cramby

costs £14.99 and includes 100 classic

sandwiches, from a Reuben to the Po'boy

- and everything in between. Forget plasticwrapped breads

with mayo-drenched filling

and wilted lettuce or tough, dry ciabatta with

lumpy margarine, rolled up slices of pre-cut

cheese and a standard tomato, this chef

believes making a sandwich is something

of an art form - you'll need an absolutely

perfect balance between flavour and texture from the very beginning in each individual

bite. The Ultimate Sandwich brings you on a journey, from eating pastrami on rye in

a New York deli, to a croque at a café in Paris, or a bao from a street stall in Taiwan,

affording the humble sandwich all the respect that it truly deserves. Jonas is the author

of Tex-Mex from Scratch and Texas BBQ. He has a series of food programs on YouTube,

and more than 10,000 followers on Instagram.


Farrington's Mellow Yellow coldpressed

rapeseed oil celebrates its 10th

anniversary this year with a redesign and

fresh look. Farrington Oils, founded by

farmer Duncan Farrington, was Britain's

first seed-to-bottle producer of cold

pressed rapeseed oil. Farrington started

selling to independent retailers from the

boot of his car in 2005. In 2003 Duncan

became a LEAF Demonstration Farmer, as

part of a network of farmers who talk to the

public about their environmentally friendly


farming practises. Cold pressed rapeseed

oil continues to grow in popularity; the

company was chosen by Michel Roux

Jr's Cookery School to become a partner

in 2013. With a smoke point of 220°C,

cold pressed rapeseed oil is a wonderful

high temperature cooking oil. It has the

lowest saturated fat content of any widely

available culinary oil and contains high

and balanced levels of omega 3, 6 and 9,

as well as being a good source of vitamin

E. Widely available 500ml £4.30.


Courgetti (spaghetti made from spiralized courgettes) is old news. A new way to kick a

spiralizer into gear is to make spoodles - sweet potato noodles. Spiralized raw sweet

potato are quick to create and can be enjoyed either raw, for a crunchy treat, or lightly

fried as a healthier alternative to pasta.try spoodles soaked in tangy red wine vinegar as

a light lunch or an alternative side dish to the usual salad, or lightly fried Spoodles which

pair well with pasta sauces. Vibrant in colour and good to the waistline for that summer

body, sweet potatoes are a fun way toward 'five a day' and are packed with vitamin A,

potassium, fibre and vitamin C.


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