diabetes health apps and managers


operability with existing glucose meters

and health and fitness apps to import

blood sugar test, activity and food intake

data are an exception. Likewise only

a few diabetes apps take care of the

important motivational aspect of diabetes

management by using gamification

elements, a supporting design as well as

communication features to get feedback

from friends and the physician. Dap'n

aims to remove these barriers whether

technological or otherwise to optimal self

management. We are always looking for

input for all in the diabetes community.

We are in the process of launching our

site around ongoing progression and

welcome contact currently via our contact

page on www.yaidoo.co.uk.


We've reported before on Simon

Carter's ManageBGL, which now has

a PredictBGL App that provides dose

calculation as well as prediction of blood

glucose hours ahead - even overnight. It

can be used by pumpers, non-pumpers,

CGM-ers and non-CGM-ers.

"The PredictBGL App integrates

data from blood glucose meters, fitness

devices, manual carbohydrate data,

digital insulin pens, insulin pumps and

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM)

with the patient's biometrics to generate

predictions in real-time. The technology is

useful for patients with Type 1 diabetes,

and parents of kids with Type 1 diabetes,

who cope with significant stress avoiding

dangerous low blood sugars, especially


The PredictBGL App can share blood

sugars, carbohydrates, insulin and the

resulting prediction information to all

carers - a boon for stressed parents

with T1 kids at school or T1 teenagers

away from home. Current systems tend

to share just blood sugar data without

any context. The ManageBGL open API

allows third parties such as hospital ward

monitoring systems to pull down graphs

of future blood glucose levels and any

predicted warnings or intelligent coaching


This service carries a small fee after a

trial period. The free iOS App is available

in the App store, and a free Android App

will be available shortly.

To get the app click HERE.

Data can also be viewed and analysed

through www.managebgl.com


HealthManager app showing

blood glucose and heart rate.

ABOVE: ManageBGL's app

(above) has predictions of

where the blood sugar is going,

alerting you to the possibility of

a high or low blood sugar sos

you can take action if needed.

RIGHT: info on Health Fabric.


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