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Is your meter more

than 3 years old?

Upgrade your meter to one from the


Whether you are a using a Bayer meter or not, visit

to learn about the CONTOUR® NEXT range of meters and to get a FREE+ upgrade today


+ You may be eligible to upgrade your meter to one from the CONTOUR NEXT range. By using the Bayer Which Meter is Right for you tool the tool, indicates which meter, if any, is suitable to your needs.

T&C apply see Bayer website for details.

* For complete procedure, refer to the user guide

Bayer, the Bayer cross, CONTOUR® and No Coding are trademarks of Bayer. © 2015 Bayer plc. All rights reserved. Diabetes Care, Bayer House, Strawberry Hill, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 1JA.

• Each meter, has an easy 3-step process

ready to use straight out of the box*

• Uses the CONTOUR® NEXT test strip to

deliver a remarkably accurate result and

beneits from:

- Second-Chance™ Sampling, allowing you

to apply more blood to the same strip, if

the irst sample was insuficient

Blood Glucose

Monitoring System




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