diabetes health apps and managers


Health Fabric

Described as 'a social platform for

healthcare', Health Fabric uses the digital

technology that we use in many of our

daily activities such as banking, shopping,

keeping up with social/business/worldly

affairs which can all be accessed with

mobile and tablet devices.

Health and wellbeing is a key aspect

of many people's lives. With fast paced

and busy lifestyles becoming the norm,

maintaining and keeping track of our

health, especially for those who are

sufferers of long term health conditions

is becoming much harder. Health

Fabric aims to achieve a patient-centric

application to enable users to access their

medical records with a view to supporting


The product aims to promote selfempowerment and choice for patients

who have either one, or multiple, longterm conditions through

an integrated

care approach, supporting the user to be

more independent and in control of their

condition(s). The system provides patients

access to their medical records whilst

also enabling family, friends, carers and

clinicians to work in a coordinated way to

create better health and social outcomes.

The information stays with the user,

allowing them to drive the behaviour and

care around their own personal needs,

values and goals.


With a big presence in healthcare

technology, Beurer is now backing it

up and connecting it all together with

HealthManager. It will hold on to all your

measurements, from your blood pressure

to your weight, through to your blood

glucose measurements. It's available to

download free of charge as a software

programme or an app. You can use the

HealthManager with all products that are

marked with the HealthManager logo. It's

easy to use and install and designed to be

user-friendly. The application is designed

specifically to suit your needs, with a timesaving and convenient display

On your home or work computer,

or on the move and via the app, your

personal evaluations and data can be

accessed any time and anywhere It can

help support you with your personal

training planning and monitoring as well

as with your health management. The

type of product determines the transfer

method for the measured values (NFC --

Near Field Communication or Bluetooth

Smart technology) squirts the info direct

to your smartphone, or you can transfer

to your PC via USB. Once the transfer

is complete, the measured values are

clearly displayed in graph and table


This innovative product line includes

not only blood pressure monitors, but

also personal and diagnostic scales

which allow you to keep an eye on your

measurements and body data. Your data

is securely saved. If you wish, you can

access it at any time either locally or

online at connect.beurer.com


























Visit the App Store or

Google play and search for

Download a care plan

that can be personalised

to your individual needs

Set reminders for

your medications and


Record healthcare

measurements and track

your progress

Access a library of

care plans and resources

Enjoy better living today

Download Health and Wellbeing

plans that can be personalised to

manage youinfo@healthfabric.co.uk>

and wellbeing targets.

5 Easy Steps

0121 634 3040 info@healthfabric.co.uk www.healthfabric.co.uk @HFabric



Download from

App Store or Google Play

Register your account

Go to 'Today's Actions'

Download a Plan

Start using in 'My Actions'

to Better Health and Wellbeing


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