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animals, and there are few if any omega

oils in meat.

Says Crawford, "We know that the

priority in humans is brain development.

Baby heads are disproportionately large

versus the rest of the body when born,

and human milk has the least amount

of protein amongst mammals because

we're aiming for brain power, not bulk.

The health of the mother before, during

and after birth is vital for the child's

intelligence and there will be physical and

mental limitations if the mother's diet is


The behavioural problem ADHD

(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is

increasingly being diagnosed in children.

When tested, such children are found to

have low blood levels of omega-3 fatty

acids. If they are given supplements it

can help improve the condition. "The rise

in brain disorders and mental ill-health

is now overtaking all other burdens of ill

health," says Crawford, "at a cost which

is now greater than that of heart disease

and cancer combined. However, the

greatest rise is among children."

Brain drain

In an article for The Guardian, journalist

Peta Bee wrote, 'Both omega-3s and

omega-6s act as building blocks for

the brain's neurons. But getting too

much omega-6s (as most of us do) can

be detrimental: a high intake prevents

the body from metabolising omega-3

effectively, so cells can't carry electrical

signals as best they can. "Individuals

who are omega-3-rich end up with

neurones that run very fast, like PentiumIII

microprocessors," said Professor Tom

Sanders of King's College London's

nutrition department. "Those with too

much omega-6 are slow and sluggish,

like a 20-year-old silicon chip."'

Not only is a lack of omega-3s bad for

our brains, but according to the website, "Omega-6 lies at the core

of many epidemic diseases. Massive

consumption of omega-6 from corn oil,

soybean oil, safflower and sunflower oil has

caused an unhealthy balance in our diet.

After decades of omega-6 consumption

the chickens have come home to roost.

Heart disease, arthritis, obesity, diabetes

continued over


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