Which blood test meter is right for you?


Which meter is right for you? The main meter providers have nifty tools

to help you choose, with more than one offering free upgrades.


Contour Next from Bayer OneTouch from


Lifescan's OneTouch Verio uses a

colour screen to give colour-coded

indicators for low, high and inrange results

giving you at-a-glance

information. There are free meters

available for those who qualify.

www.lifescan.co.uk UPGRADE




New to the stable is the Contour Next

Link 2.4, is the only blood glucose

meter labeled for use with Medtronic's

MiniMed 640G System. The meter is

used to calibrate the MiniMed 640G's

continuous glucose monitoring sensor,

and wirelessly connects to MiniMed

640G enabling users to remotely

deliver a bolus of insulin from the

meter, allowing for more discreet

insulin delivery. If your meter is more

than 3 years old, you are welcome to

upgrade it for free from Bayer's Contour

Next range. Use their online system to

assess which meter is right for you.


Accu-Chek from Roche

Roche's Accu-Chek range of blood glucose

systems include the weeny Nano and goes up

to the Aviva, Aviva Expert and the all-in-one,

strip-free Mobile which incorporates an onboard

lancing device and cassette that lasts

for 50 tests. See which of these meters might

suit you best see their meter selection

tool or to see if you qualify for a free or click

the link below:






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