omega 3 and diabetes


disease. Other omega-6s are less wanted,

as 6s use the same pathways as 3s and

can swamp the omega-3 pathway.

Professor Michael Crawford has been

studying the impact of essential fatty acids

on mental health and says, "Diet matters

all the way through one's lifetime and

people are missing out on the fact that

omega oils are vital. It is not the amount of

fat but the balance of fats. There needs to

be a harmony in the diet like an orchestra,

so you need everything in the right

proportion. Holistic diets are important;

we should eat widely without an emphasis

of too much of one thing, like fat or sugar.

However, we have to take action with our

consumption of omega-3s. Our bodies

are slow to manufacture it, so it is best to

eat it direct from marine foods."

Low levels of omega-3 has been linked

to the increased diagnoses of depression

and linked to other medical conditions

such as Alzheimers, and noticeably,

people are developing Alzheimer's in their

60s now not in their 70s or 80s. There

is medical proof that human brains have

actually shrunk over time and it could be

due to omega-3 deficiencies in the diet.

"One of the facts of society today

is that we are living longer, women

in particular, but the quality of life is

fairly crappy, particularly at the end,

says Crawford, who has studied the

development of the human brain from

birth. He says, "The brain is made up of

fat, so it is not rocket science to figure out

the link. If you screw up dietary fat then

the brain is affected. Mental ill-health is

now a huge burden in modern society in

the UK and in the USA."

Cod piece

In World War II in Britain fish and seafood

were not rationed. Milk, orange juice and

cod liver oil were delivered free to people's

doors to keep their health up. Then, when

the war ended, mass production took

over to get protein in the diet from farming

All omega fatty acids play specific roles in overall health.

These good fats can have health benefits, including:

• Prevent coronary heart disease

• Prevent stroke

• Prevent diabetes

• Promote healthy nerve activity

• Improve vitamin absorption

• Maintain a healthy immune system

• Promote cell development


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