diabetes and diet




NANNy stAte

two yorkshire family businesses, york

based yorvale ice cream and st. helen’s

farm of seaton ross in east yorkshire,

have launched a premium goat’s milk ice

cream. goat’s milk has slightly different

proteins to cows’ milk and contains

10% less lactose, so it is suitable for

people on a cow’s milk free diet. a

100ml serving contains 116 calories

and 2.7g carbohydrate (of which 2.3g

is sugars). the ice cream contains only

natural ingredients, is gluten and egg

free and suitable for vegetarians. using

fresh british goat’s milk and double

goat’s cream and a luxurious recipe, it

is delicately flavoured with Madagascan

vanilla. Photo shows Lesley buxton and

Vicky unwin.

CredIBle edIBle Curds

the Pickled Village, an internationally-

inspired, british-made range of chutneys,

preserves, marmalades, marinades and

dressings, has added a trademark twist

to traditional curd recipes. as well as

keeping taste buds amused, there are

tongue-in-cheek names. the all-butter

curds (lemon, ginger and banana) are

made using free-range eggs and natural

ingredients -- and sugar, so watch how

much you use! the Zesty bracer is a

tangy all-butter lemon curd. the ginger

snapper butter stem ginger curd adds

a mellow warmth to your morning toast.

the sweet escape is a spiced all-butter

banana curd with a taste of the tropics.



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